Computer showing as media device on network windows 10

We have 2 computers, a win7 lappeak, and also a desktop computer recently upgraded to Win10. I have the right to see the win7lapoptimal and also it"s shares over our netoccupational (not a homegroup, since win10 doesnt assistance that). But my win10 desktop computer reflects up as a MediaDevice when looking at the network-related map on the win7 lapheight. I cant figure out how to adjust the settings of the devices so it mirrors up as a computer. so I deserve to no longer backup or gain to shares on the desktop machine from lappeak.

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aid please!

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Try my computer/situate Map Network-related drives/edit.Also,remote settings have to be enabled/ my computer/properties/Remote tab.Maybe likewise,in run,type: diskmgmt.msc in msc, on a drive,go up to Actions/All/choose Make Active

Victory 10 is fine,but have you updated the MB components/Chipcollection installation/Storage/Networking/and so on...

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Hi Anattracted many thanks for trying to help me out. I tried to do what you sassist, yet I didnt acquire exceptionally far. I am previous engineer, yet amethod now for 15 years, so I couldnt cleary understand your feedago.

But let me attempt to clarify my situation some.

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My win 7 computer system is wright here I have actually the issue of the misstood for win10 desktop. The win 10 desktop computer have the right to check out the win 7 computer system on the netoccupational, and also accessibility it"s shares.

The win7 laptop cannot accessibility the printer on win10 (shared) or the win10 file shares bereason the win10 deksoptimal is figured out as a Media Player gadget (through proper win10 computer name) once I click NEtwork-related from windows traveler.

If I go to Network-related and sharing center, and also look at full network-related Map then I watch the Deskpeak computer system, and also it has the very same icon as the lapheight (so that I believe tells me its a computer).

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I would certainly like to, if possible, remove or recharacterize the Device type for the desktop (when viewed from Win7 laptop) as a computer, NOT a media maker. What I do not understand also is where to edit or rerelocate the gadget type (in the Win7 laptop) to carry out this. I tried to follow your instructions yet did not gain incredibly far as L click and R clicks did not lead me down the path to a area wright here I could recollection or rerelocate the gadget form.