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This short article is a guide to the Computer monitoring energy on the Windows 7 operating mechanism. Summary:This article is a overview to the Computer monitoring utility on the Windows 7 operating system.See much less This article is a overview to the Computer administration utility on the Windows 7 operating mechanism.

This write-up offers indevelopment on what Computer Management is and exactly how you would usage it on your PC via Windows 7.

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What is the Windows 7 Computer Management Utility?

Computer Management is a Microsoft Windows energy that permits you to access the mechanism devices and lets you into more straight administration of your computer system.

In home windows 7 the Microsoft Management Console (MMC) gathers and also reflects the governmental devices for your COMPUTER.

These devices are dubbed snap-ins and also they are used for managing the hardware, software program, and netoccupational components of the Operating System (OS). Several of the devices in the Administrative Tools folder such as Computer Management are MMC snap-ins.

Note: For even more indevelopment, open up an MMC snap-in, and also then review the Aid topics that come through the snap-in. Usually, you have the right to accessibility the Aid topics by clicking the Help food selection, and then clicking Help Topics.
Administrative Tools : System Tools Storage Services and also Applications

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How to open up and also use the Computer Management Utility

Note: You have to be logged on as Administrator or as a member of the Administrators group watch and also modify a lot of properties and also percreate many computer-monitoring work.

Click on theStartswitch and chooseControl Panelfrom the begin menu.



Click on theSystem and Securitylink.


Note: If you"re viewing the Standard View of Control Panel, you won"t check out this connect. Just double-click on the Administrative Tools symbol and also skip to Step 4.

In theSystem andSecuritywindow, click theAdministrative Toolssymbol located close to the bottom of the home window.

Double-click on theComputer Managementicon in the Administrative Tools home window.

WhenComputer Managementopens, click In theconsingle tree, expand System Tools, Storage, or Services and also Applications to check out the tools and also solutions in each of these containers.


Click on the item you desire -for instance Disk Management,to usage the tool and then see the information that is associated via it.


Disk Management have to show up on the right side of the Computer Management window after simply a few secs of loading.

Note: If you don"t see Disk Management provided, you may have to click the icon to the left of Storage.

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Using Snap-Ins

Some MMC snap-ins require administrator rights to function appropriately.

To open MMC through admin legal rights simply follow these steps :

Click theStartswitch and go toAll Programs

OpenAccessoriesand also right-click onCommand Promptand selectRun as administratorfrom the menu

In theCommand also Prompttypemmc.exe

When MMC opens click onFile, then clickAdd/Rerelocate Snap-inand pick from the list of easily accessible snap-ins

Note: Some MMC snap-ins are just easily accessible after specific added functions have been mounted.
To install extra functions :

OpenControl Panelfrom the begin menu and also click onPrograms

InInstalled Programs, selectTurn on or off Windows features

If the User Account Control dialog box appears then confirm that the activity it screens is what you want and clickContinue

Select thecheckboxesfor the attributes you desire to install and clear the checkboxes for functions you want to remove and also clickOK

Useful Snap-in Tools : ActiveX Control Authorization Manager Certificates Component Services Computer Management Device Manager Disk Management Event Viewer Group Policy Management Group Policy Object Editor IP Security Monitor IP Security Policy Management Link to Internet Address Local Users & Groups NAP Client Configuration Performance Diagnostics Print Management Reliability Monitor Resultant Set of Policy Routing and also Remote Access Security Configuration and Analysis Security Templates Services Shared Folders Task Scheduler TPM Management Windows Firewall through State-of-the-art Security on Local Computer WMI Control

Further MMC snap-ins may be obtainable when you have actually installed particular extra attributes, such as Removable Storage and also Network Documents System. You have the right to install extra features making use of Control Panel.

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The particular additional MMC snap-ins that are available as component of Windows Features may vary depending upon the edition of this variation of Windows that you are making use of.

Additional snap-ins that may be easily accessible encompass the adhering to : Indexing Service Net Information Services (IIS) 6.0 Manager Services for NFS Removable Storage

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Using System Tools

Task Scheduler

The Task Scheduler helps you schedule automated tasks that perdevelop actions at a details time or as soon as a specific event occurs. It maintains a library of all the booked jobs and also gives an arranged check out of the tasks and also a single point of accessibility for controlling them. From within the library you can run, disable, modify or delete tasks. The Task Scheduler user interface (UI) is an MMC snap-in that relocations the Scheduled Tasks Explorer extension in Windows XP, Windows Server 2003, and Windows 2000.

Event Viewer

Event Viewer is a tool that permits you to browse and regulate the occasion logs. It is really excellent tool for surveillance the wellness of devices and also troubleshooting worries as soon as they aincrease.

Event Viewer allows you to percreate the following jobs : View occasions from multiple event logs Save advantageous event filters as practice views that deserve to be re-offered Schedule a job to run in response to an occasion Create and control occasion subscriptions Shared Folders

You have the right to use the Shared Folders tool to centrally manage file shares on a computer. Shared Folders permits you to create file shares and collection permissions, and also see and also control open records and users connected to file shares on the computer.

Local Users and also Groups

Use Local Users and Groups to create and regulate customers and also groups that are stored locally on a computer system.


you have the right to usage the Performance tool to connumber performance logs and also warns to monitor and collect data about your computers performance.

Device Manager

Device Manager provides you a graphical tree view of the hardware that is set up on your computer. Eincredibly tool communicates via the OS through a item of software application called a maker driver. You deserve to usage Device Manager to install and also upday these drivers for your hardware devices. You can modify hardware settings for those gadgets and also troubleshoot any problems.

You have the right to use Device Manager to : Determine whether the hardware on your computer system is working appropriately Change hardware configuration settings Identify the tool drivers that are loaded for each gadget, and attain information about each gadget driver Change advanced settings and properties for tools. Install updated gadget drivers Enable, disable, and also uninstall devices Roll back to the previous version of a driver View the tools based upon their form, by their connection to the computer, or by the sources they use Sjust how or hide hidden tools that are not instrumental to check out, but might be necessary for progressed troubleshooting

You will normally usage Device Manager to inspect the condition of your hardware and also update tool motorists on your computer.

If you"re more proficient you could additionally usage Device Manager"s diagnostic features to solve device disputes and readjust resource settings.

Note: Usually you will not must readjust reresource settings, because resources are allocated instantly by the mechanism throughout hardware setup. You can only use Device Manager to regulate tools on a local computer as it will certainly work-related in read-just mode just on a remote computer system. "Read Only" suggests it allows you to see, but not change the hardware configuration of that remote computer.

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Working through Storage

Disk Management

This is a mechanism energy for regulating the Hard disks and also the quantities or partitions that the Hard disks contain. With Disk Management you can initialize disks, create volumes and format volumes via the Documents Alplace Table (FAT), Documents Alplace Table 32little (FAT32), or New Technology File System (NTFS) file units. Disk Management permits you to perform most disk-connected tasks without restarting the system or interrupting individuals. Many of the configuration changes will take impact immediately.

In Windows 7 Disk Management gives the same attributes from earlier versions, but it also adds some brand-new features:

Simpler partition creation

When you right-click a volume, you have the right to select whether to produce a basic, spanned, or striped partition directly from the menu

Disk convariation options

When you add more than four partitions to a basic disk, you are triggered to transform the disk to dynamic or to the GUID partition table (GPT) partition style

Extfinish and shrink partitions

You deserve to extend and shrink partitions directly from the Windows interface

Its an extremely useful tool.

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Using Services and Applications


You deserve to use the Services tool to manage services that are running on local or remote computers for instance, to speak or begin a business. You deserve to additionally control services making use of thesc configcommand.

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WMI Control

The Windows Management Instrumentation (WMI) Control is a tool that allows you to configure WMI settings on a remote or neighborhood computer system.

Using WMI Control, you can perform the adhering to jobs : To earlier up the repository

You can connumber the WMI Control to ago up your WMI repository on a continual schedule or you can ago up the repository manually at any type of time. The repository is the database of objects you deserve to access with WMI. You have the right to also regain a previous version of the repository

To adjust the default namearea for scripting

You have the right to readjust the default namespace that is targeted in WMI scripts

To authoincrease individuals or groups and also set permission levels

You have the right to authoincrease a user or team to access WMI. For each user or team you authoclimb, you deserve to collection their permission level for certain namespaces

Note: The actual collection of devices and also services that is provided in Computer Management counts on the solutions that are installed on the organize computer system.
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