Command r not working to reset mac

In the occasion of a major difficulty through your Mac, you might have to reinstall your Mac operating system. There’s a basic way to perform this utilizing your Mac Recoextremely partition or using Mac Web Recovery. You deserve to accessibility the Recoextremely mode using the key-board combicountry Command also +R. But what carry out you execute if Mac recoexceptionally mode isn’t functioning or Command also +R doesn’t work?

We’ll look at the ideal solutions to these difficulties below. If you want to learn how to reinstall Mac OS using Recoincredibly Mode we cover that in a separate short article (using the link above).

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What is Mac Recovery?

A quick word on what Mac Recoincredibly mode have the right to execute and also how it functions.

Most civilization don’t really think about their tough drives (well, SSD these days) in regards to partitions. They just view the entirety drive as one point. A hard drive is generally a solitary volume, yet it is then separation up right into multiple locations, well-known as partitions or quantities. Think of your tough drive as the house, and the partitions as different rooms. (Read: How to partition a Mac hard drive or SSD, or produce a APFS volume for more information.)

You’re used to only seeing one room in the house, the one which has actually your Desktop, Folders and Applications. But tright here are actually 4 partitions, and one is provided in extreme cases where you might desire to entirely reinstall the operating system macOS (or Mac OS X on older Macs). Even if you completely wipe your Mac, and also begin aacquire from scratch, the Recoincredibly partition need to still be there to make it possible to reinstall macOS, regain from your Time Machine backup, and repair or erase your hard disk. We look in detail at what you deserve to perform in Recoexceptionally mode below.

It’s a difficulty if you should reinstall the operating system from scratch and also the Recoexceptionally partition is lacking or for some reason you can’t accessibility. A problem, yet luckily there are solutions available.

Back in the days before Mac OS X Lion introduced in 2011 tbelow wasn’t a Recoextremely partition, rather you essential to have actually a physical disc through the software on it and also an optical drive to insert it right into. These days it’s rare to find a Mac with a optical drive, let alone uncover someone who has actually their original discs – not that Macs have shipped via install discs in recent times. We’ll look at what to execute if you fit right into this category later in this short article.

Command also R not working

Tright here are a couple of reasons why you can uncover that Command + R doesn’t occupational and also your Mac won’t start up in Recoextremely Mode:

If your Mac is really old – as in so old it’s running Mac OS X Scurrently Leopard or older – it will not have actually a Recoincredibly partition, the just means to reinstall the OS is to use the discs that shipped via the Mac. We’ll look at what to do in that situation later.If your Mac is running a version of macOS older than Sierra (which launched in 2016) then you won’t have all the Recoextremely choices accessible that you may have actually heard of.The keyboard could be faulty or your Mac might not affix to it using Bluetooth – in which instance, try making use of another – we imply one that plugs in directly.Something could have actually corrupted your Recoexceptionally partition, or you might have deleted it while replacing your difficult drive or installing Windows through Boot Camp,

The first point to attempt is to restart your Mac and also push Command and also R aget as you boot up.

Tright here are a couple of various other ways you can have the ability to pressure your Mac to begin up in recoincredibly mode if Command also + R isn’t working for you. Apple has actually a couple of various other commands that you might try:

You could usage Internet Recoincredibly Setting – an option that we will comment on in more detail listed below. This technique will certainly download a variation of macOS from the internet, which might be a solution if you can’t access the Recoexceptionally partition on your Mac. We comment on Net Recoexceptionally Mode in more detail in a area listed below.

Press Option/Alt + Command also + R once you boot as much as enter Net Recoextremely Mode.

Once you enter this mode you will have the ability to access an Apple server to downfill the verchild of macOS. This will be the latest macOS compatible with your Mac. Note: If you aren’t running Sierra 10.12.4 of later, this will certainly install the variation that came with your Mac.

If you don’t want to install the latest variation of macOS attempt this:

Change + Option/Alt + Command R (if you are running Sierra 10.12.4 of later) will certainly install the version of MacOS that came through your Mac, or the one closest to it that is still obtainable.

Note that if your Mac has a T2 chip there may be a basic reason why Command also + R isn’t working for you. In that case:

Option/Alt + Command also + R will install the latest macOS on your Mac if you have actually a T2 chip.

Mac recovery mode not working

Sometimes you’ll obtain right into Recoincredibly Setting to work-related just for whatever to freeze up.

Perhaps your Mac’s disc is past repair and also Recoextremely Setting inobtainable. In that case our write-up around How to recoup information from a damaged Mac could be advantageous.

For methods to examine whether your Recovery partition is damaged or absent jump to this section.

If you have actually accessed Web Recoincredibly mode it can be a very sluggish process relying on your link rate. When we competent this difficulty we associated our Mac to the hub by means of an ethernet cable.

What to perform if recovery mode isn’t working?

It is possible to reclaim a Mac without a recoincredibly partition, but it can be tricky (particularly on older Macs). You have actually a couple of approaches available:

Use Web Recoexceptionally to reinstall macOS on Mac with a lacking recoextremely partition. Jump to this area to discover out exactly how to carry out that.Create a bootdrive to install a copy of macOS from.Use your Time Machine backup as your start-up drive.You might additionally be able to create a Recovery partition, we look at just how to execute that here: How to create a Recoexceptionally partition Mac

We’re going to look at these alternatives listed below – but initially, a quick explacountry of what a recoexceptionally partition is.

How to examine if your Recoextremely partition is working


First you have to check that your Mac certainly hasn’t obtained a functioning Recoincredibly partition. It’s possbile that you have actually been utilizing the wrong key combination, or that your keyboard wasn’t functioning, for instance.

Here is exactly how to boot right into Recoincredibly Drive:

Shut dvery own your Mac. (Apple menu > Shut Down.)Hold dvery own the Command and R keys down and press the Power switch.Keep holding Command also and R till the Apple logo design shows up on the display. Let go of the keys and also wait for the Mac to complete starting up. (Expect it to take longer than normal.)You have to check out a screen saying macOS Utilities (or if your Mac is older, OS X Utilities). This is the Recoincredibly partition. If you have actually this, speak worrying. You’re excellent to go. Read all about exactly how to reinstall macOS from Recoextremely here.

However, if the Mac boots up to your normal watch, or if you’re faced via a fully empty display screen, then you haven’t acquired a Recoextremely partition.

If your Mac does boot right into macOS then you have the right to at leastern examine Terminal to view if you have actually a recoextremely partition, here’s just how to execute that:

Open Terminal.Get in diskutil list.

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You must see a list of all the volumes and partitions on your computer system. The initially drive (/dev/disk0) should have a partition (frequently listed as “3” through Apple_Boot Recoextremely HD after it). Try utilizing the Command-R process aget.

You can likewise these tips to check out if it renders your Recoincredibly partition miraculously show up.

Recollection your PRAM. Shut dvery own your Mac and hold down Command-Option-P-R throughout boot. Wait for the chimes and also let go.Check your keyboard (especially if it’s a Bluetooth keyboard). Try using a wired key-board if possible.

Okay, so either your Recoexceptionally Partition is lacking, or doesn’t work and also you’ve tried whatever. So it’s time to look at reinstalling macOS without it. First, if it’s an option below, you must take time to earlier up up your Mac using Time Machine. This will enable you to gain back all your files, folders and apps when you’ve reset up macOS.

How to use Net Recoincredibly to reinstall macOS


Here’s what to perform if you haven’t gained a recoexceptionally partition on your Mac and have to reinstall macOS (in reality, also if you don’t should reinstall macOS you more than likely have to, bereason a missing Recoincredibly Partition is not an excellent sign).

The first approach is to use a function called Web Recoincredibly. Newer Macs are able to boot straight from an internet link, also via no Recoincredibly partition accessible. Here is just how to use MacOS Net Recovery:

Shut dvery own your Mac.Hold dvery own Command-Option/Alt-R and push the Power button. (On some Mac keyboards the Option vital will be named Alt).Hold down those tricks till you a spinning world and also the message “Starting Net Recoexceptionally. This might take a while”.The message will be reput with a progression bar. Wait for it to fill. Expect it to take a while…Wait for the MacOS Utilities display screen to show up.Click Reinstall macOS and also follow the installation procedure.

There are problems through Web Recoincredibly. It only works via netfunctions utilizing WEP and WPA protection. This is many residence Wi-Fi netfunctions, however if you’re on a proxy network or PPPoE then you will certainly have actually problems. In these situations it’s usually finest to uncover one more netoccupational quite than develop a USB Recoexceptionally Stick (our following step). If you have actually Internet Recovery, then make use of it to reinstall macOS if feasible.

Create a macOS bootable installer on a flash drive


If you can’t access Internet Recoexceptionally, then you are left with the option to develop a bootable installer from a flash drive (at least 12GB in size). Note that this entirely erases the USB flash drive, so be mindful to remove any kind of documents from it first. We cover just how to create a bootable installer for macOS below, yet we’ll offer an introduction of the method below.

The easiest means to create a USB flash installer it to use Terminal:

Open your Applications folder and also look to check out if you have the Install documents for the variation of macOS or Mac OS X you call for. In the instance of Sierra or High Sierra you”ll see: something prefer this, for instance.


If you don’t have actually the records check out around how to get older versions of macOS or Mac OS X here.

When you have gained hold of the installer for the variation of macOS that you require, follow these steps:

Attach your USB flash drive to your Mac.Open Disk Utility.Select the volume (under External) in the sidebar. The Volume is the height component, not the partition (which is underneath).Click Erase.Make sure it says “Untitled” in the Name field. Don’t readjust this. Click Erase.Open Terminal.Cut and also paste the correct createinstallmedia text right into Terminal (the code will certainly depend on the variation of macOS, so we suggest obtaining it from this article: createinstallmedia regulates for versions of macOS. It will certainly look something like the below image.)You’ll then must enter your admin password. And then enter “y” and also push Rerotate. It will certainly first wipe your flash drive, then turn it into a bootable installer.


Expect to wait a while for the process to end up.

Install macOS from the bootable installer

Now you can follow these steps to usage the bootable installer:

Make certain the bootable installer (USB flash drive) is associated to your Mac.Shut down your Mac.Hold dvery own Option/Alt and press the Power button.The startup tool list home window must show up displaying a yellow drive with Install (software program name) listed below it.Select it and push Rerotate. Wait for the progress bar to fill.Select Disk Utility.Select the drive under Internal (your main difficult drive).Click Erase.Give the drive a name; “Macintosh HD” is traditional however you have the right to choose. Ensure that the Style is Mac OS Extfinished (Journaled) and the Scheme is GUID Partition Map.Click Erase.Click Done.Choose Disk Utility > Quit Disk Utility.Select Install macOS and click Continue.Follow the install macOS alternatives.Select Macintosh HD as the installation disk, as soon as presented, and also click Install.

MacOS will certainly now be set up on your tough drive from the bootable installer. The entirety procedure can take approximately fifty percent an hour. After this has finiburned you will certainly have actually a new installation of macOS in addition to a Recoincredibly partition.

You might gain the message: “This copy of the Install application can’t be showed. It may have actually been corrupted or tampered through in the time of downloading and install.” If so you must change the day and also time in macOS.

How to reinstall Mac OS X on an older Mac without Recoexceptionally mode

As we stated over, if your Mac is running Snow Leopard or older, it won’t have actually a Recovery partiton. So if everything goes pear shaped and also you need to reinstall your operating system what deserve to you do.

If you have actually the original discs that shipped with the Mac, you must be able to usage them.

If you don’t have those discs, then your best choice is to purchase Scurrently Leopard from Apple. It prices £19.99 and you can order a copy below.

You have the right to still buy a copy of Lion from the Apple Store below, yet what you will obtain is a downfill code, quite than physical discs.

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Once you have actually Scurrently Leopard discs you have the right to insert them right into your Mac’s optical drive – assuming it has actually one, and install the operating mechanism. Once you have done so you have the right to usage the Mac App Store to acquire a more recent variation of MacOS.