Command r not working on macbook

Command and also R tricks might fail to carry out the recoincredibly mode of the Mac because of the wiremuch less key-board issues or wrong combinations of keys/power butloads provided. Furthermore, the corrupt NVRAM may additionally reason the error under conversation.

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The issue arises as soon as the user tries to usage the recoextremely mode of his Mac but the device starts in the normal mode. The problem is not restricted to a details version and year of Mac.

Command + R Not Working

Before founding the troubleshooting process to force Mac into the recovery mode, make certain tbelow is no firmware password in location, if so, then rerelocate the password as you will certainly not have the ability to use the recoincredibly choices if the firmware password is in location. Additionally, the recovery alternatives are only easily accessible to the Lion macOS or above, so, make certain your mechanism is at leastern Lino macOS, otherwise, perform a clean install of the macOS by utilizing a DVD or USB drive.

Furthermore, it will be much better to use a Mac keyboard during the troubleshooting process. Additionally, power off your device and then power it on (not an easy restart) to examine if the worry is of a temporary nature. Also, make certain the keyboard of your system is functioning fine. If you are trying to factory reset the Mac by using a Windows key-board, then attempt various keys to perdevelop the recovery if the usual Windows + R keys are not working.

Solution 1: Switch to a Wired Keyboard

Mac customers normally usage Bluetooth or a wireless keyboard via macOS. But sometimes wireless/Bluetooth key-board light reflects on very late during the boot procedure and thus the secrets are not pressed in-time which may result in the error under discussion. In this case, switching to a wired keyboard may deal with the trouble.

Power off the Mac and disconnect the wiremuch less key-board from it.Now connect the wired key-board and power on Mac.MacBook Pro KeyboardWait for the device to power on completely and also then power it off.Now power on the mechanism and inspect if you have the right to boot right into the recoincredibly mode using the Command & R keys.

Solution 2: Recollection NVRAM to the Defaults

NVRAM is responsible for many kind of procedures in the time of the startup of your device. You may enrespond to the error under conversation if the NVRAM of your mechanism is corrupt. In this scenario, reestablishing the NVRAM to the defaults may fix the problem. This approach may not apply to all individuals.

Power on your Mac and then cshed all the applications.Now launch Finder and open up Utilities.
Opening TerminalNow open up Terminal and then enter the adhering to command:

superform nvram -cNow press the Enter essential and also then key-in your password.Then enter the adhering to in the Terminal:sucarry out shutdown -r now

Recollection NVRAM of Mac Thstormy the TerminalNow press the Enter essential and also the mechanism will restart.Wait till the system is powered on and then power it off.Now power on the device and also check if the issue is refixed.

Equipment 3: Try Different Combinations of Power On Buttons and also Command + R Keys

You may encounter the concern at hand if the keys and also the power-on butlots sequence to go to the recovery mode is various than the one you are trying to usage. In this instance, trying the combinations pointed out below might settle the trouble.

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Perform Multiple Taps on the Keys

Power on your Mac and double-tap the Command also + R keys (once the startup sound is heard) to check if the concern is reresolved.
Command also + R Keys on the Mac KeyboardIf not, power off the Mac.Now power on the device and also repeatedly push the forced keys till the mechanism boots right into the recoexceptionally mode.

Press and host the Command also + R Keys

Power off your Mac.Then press the switch on the wiremuch less keyboard to power it off.
Power Off the Mac KeyboardNow power on the keyboard and then immediately power on the Mac.Now quickly host the Command also + R keys and also inspect if the recoexceptionally choices are shown.

Press the Keys After the Green Light Flashes

Power off your system.Now power on the device and push the required tricks (after the green light flashes). Then examine if you can boot into the recoextremely mode.
Eco-friendly Light Flash of Mac

Hold the Keys and Power Buttons

Power off the Mac.Now, push and also organize the power switch of your device, Command also and R keys for about 6 seconds.Now release the power button of your mechanism while maintaining hold of the shelp tricks and check if you can boot into the recoincredibly mode.

Press the Keys Before Powering on the System

Power off your Mac. Now press the Command also + R keys and then hit the power key of your key-board.Quickly, power on the Mac and also hit the power key of your keyboard again to inspect if the issue is resolved.

Press the Keys After NumLock Flash

Power off the Mac. Power on the Mac after a while and wait until NumLock flashes. Then press the preferred keys and inspect if you can boot into the recovery alternatives.
Wait for NumLock Flash on Mac Keyboard

Systems 4: Clean Install the macOS

If the recoexceptionally partition is not preset or installed, then you might fail to boot right into the recoexceptionally mode making use of the Command + R tricks. In this instance, you might have to clean install the macOS to wipe the Mac without the recoextremely mode by using an external media (favor a DVD or a USB device). You deserve to confirm if the recoextremely partition is current by running the following command to launch the Disk Utility in the Terminal:

diskutil list

Check Recoincredibly Partition of Mac in the Disk UtilityIf the recoexceptionally partition is not there, then follow the steps below to clean install the macOS.

Insert the installation disk right into the DVD drive of your device.Now restart your system and then push the C essential during the boot process.Press the C Key to Boot From the DVDThen on the second page of the installation, where the pull-down food selection shows up, pick the Utilities Menu and also then either try to perdevelop a repair of your mechanism or reformat it to remove the issue.Repair Or Reinstall macOS

If you have actually newly switched your SSD or HDD, then the older disk can have actually the recovery disk. And if that disk is obtainable, then usage that disk to percreate the recoextremely operation.

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If nothing has actually aided you so much, attempt to percreate an Internet recoextremely (Command also + Option + R keys) of your mechanism (plug your system straight to the router). If the issue persists, then visit the Apple store for advanced troubleshooting.