Combine mpg files

There comes times that you might desire to combine a pair (or more) MPG video documents into simply one larger file. I had actually this case come up just freshly.

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I necessary to decompile a DVD that I wanted to watch making use of my thumb drive. Unfortunately, my thumb drive is only 2.0 GB and the movie was over 4. There are several methods to copy a DVD to your computer system and I will not gain into how to execute this now. But, I required to copy it to my thumb drive in the original VOB framework that the DVD provides instead of one huge file.

If you are acquainted via DVDs and their layout you will certainly recognize that they typically breakdown the movie right into around 1 GB VOB documents.

At the finish of the day, after doing the decompiling, I had all the original VOB documents on my computer system and, if you didn"t understand it, a VOB file is the same specific point as a MPG file simply with a different expansion. So to "turn" them right into MPGs I sindicate recalled each among the VOB records to an extension of MPG. Now I had actually the MPG files I neded and also I might copy them to my thumb drive seperately, move them or watch them and then delete as essential. Cool deal I was all set.

But, after every one of this was done I still had actually the individual MPG files on my computer and could usage them all unified into on movie file for usage later on. So how execute we execute this?

I did a quick Google search for "integrate MPG files" and also of course it came up through numerous programs that could perform it, but they were not complimentary or they were crippled in some way.

After reasoning about it awhile I knew I can do somepoint like this through Windows Movie Maker, but that was going to be a bit of a chore, as well. I have to import each one, pick the output, and so on, and so on So I dug back into my old DOS userbrain and remembered that I can use the great old "Copy" command to combine documents. So I did this and also I was all set. No regime to downpack, no Movie Maker stuff, simply ordinary old add this file to this file stuff. :)

How It"s Done:

If you have 2 or more MPG files that you want to incorporate ssuggest go to your Windows Start > Run symbol. Click on it and type in CMD. You will then be presented through a new window.

You have the right to then go to the magazine that holds your files. If you do not recognize are not acquainted through fundamental DOS regulates that Windows provides go here for an excellent listing on just how to do this and also what they all suppose.

Once you are in the directory (or Folder as Windows like to call it) you simply run the copy routine and incorporate the files prefer this.

Type in "Copy" and also then "/b" (The "b" command tells it to use Binary mode, incredibly important!") after this kind in the names of the MPG papers that you desire to integrate with a "+" (plus) sign after each one. Its imparative that you type in the file names of your MPGs in the order that you desire them unified. Then I gotten in the name of what Iwanted to movie to be dubbed after I merged them.

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In my case I had actually 4 MPG video files I wantred to combine so I typed in:

"copy /b 1.mpg + 2.mpg + 3.mpg + 4.m

pg mymovie.mpg" (without the quotes).

After it was done copying, and also this might take some time if you are copying big records, I now had the movie all merged right into one video file I might do through whatever I wanted.

No regime to buy, no creating a video via Windows Movie Maker, jsut simple old DOS regulates. You have the right to usage this with any type of video files without a probelm at all.

If you have actually any type of questions on this let me understand.

Thanks to the gang over at SansaCommunity for the tips!

First off, this is a good bit tutorial. Thanks, Brandon C.


When playing the file in WMP (or any kind of other media player, apparently), the displayedtime duration is wrong. In my case I had actually two videos: FileOne(20 minutes long), and Documents Two (40 minutes long), that I joined together right into one 60 minute file. Now once I play that video, WMPscreens thecomplete length of the video to be 40 minutes, not 60 minutes. When the counter reaches the 40 minute note, the video continues playing with to the finish but the counter remains frozen at 40 minutes.

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Also, Inoticed that when I include the file to a Nero project, it doesn"t present one 60 minute clip in the timeline, but the 2 separate files the way they were originally.

What these 2 thingsseems to suggest is that thepapers aren"ttruly unified -they"re simplydisplayed together undera singlefilename. This might be nitpicking, but what I would really choose toperform is watch these two records truly joined together as one. Is tbelow a technique, cost-free or otherwise, to carry out this?