So I"ve been assigned both "Collaring Outside the Lines" and also "Taking Out the Trash" by raider bosses. The character I"m making use of is a melee construct via pitifully low Charisma, so I take it for granted that he"s going to always fail eextremely speech inspect.

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Because the collaring/kill quests call for you to gain the targain to follow you ameans from sensitive folks, there"s the "Follow Me" option in dialogue. My character consistently fails this, so I turn to enhancements. He"s acquired a CH of 4 commonly, however through a Hubologist Outfit (CH+2) and Black-Rimmed Glasses (CH+1) he"s pumped to 7, and dropping some Grape Mentats pushes it up to 12.


And via a modified CH of 12, he still fails the speech examine, on both pursuits.


I"ve noticed that the "Follow Me" alternative is constantly in green rather of yellow-orange-red, which indicates it must be pretty easy, right?


Just checking to make sure I"m not doing anypoint wrong.

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Updating... I actually tried the collaring quest with my CH at 12, and something weird taken place. 


The "success" Vault-Boy computer animation taken place, indicating I"d passed the speech inspect to get her to put on the servant collar, but the NCOMPUTER responded as if I"d failed it.



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