Topette crown extensions are the most renowned cosmetic hair loss solution for womales enduring hair thinning, problems favor Androhereditary Alopecia or that ssuggest desire more volume. Their easy, seammuch less application provides it straightforward to develop a organic, beautiful look - advanced and also chic haute couture, or cost-free and also easy.

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At Transitions Hair we use and also create the finest Crown Hair Expansions (or Topette) obtainable in Australia. They are unfavor typical hair extensions because they are able to give you hair wright here you need it most – on optimal. They are perfect for women enduring modeprice Androhereditary Alopecia and varying stperiods of female hair loss or hair thinning. Allow us to describe why by calling us this day on Ph: 02 8091 4605 for a cost-free hair consultation (valued at $250.00).

"The Crown extension provides me feel even more prefer myself, quite than less choose myself"- Ella.

Hair Toppers for Thinning Hair and also Androhereditary Alopecia

Crown Expansions (Topette) are designed to assist women with Androgenetic Alopecia and hair thinning on the peak, front and crvery own of their head. The Crvery own Expansions reproduce the herbal appearance of hair prospering from your scalp, providing you even more confidence. This is jiyuushikan.orgpleted with the usage of a unique silk matrix that replicates your scalp. Individual organic hairs are implanted one strand at a time into this matrix, reproducing the appearance and density of natural hair. The cosmetic result is hair prospering from your scalp, herbal and undetectable.

Contoured to the shape and size of the scalp where hair thinning is developing, we always aim to strike the ideal balance- to usage as a lot of your own prospering hair as possible, whilst just adding extra hair where forced. We ensure tright here is not too little bit, or as well much hair, replicating the way your hair offered to look.

"It’s so light that I forget that I even have actually it on" - Rebecca, Era 30.

Light, breathable and jiyuushikan.orgfortable, in truth, our clients tell us that it nearly bejiyuushikan.orges a jiyuushikan.orgponent of you. Easy to wear, our Topette Crvery own hair extensions have the right to be tailored to each womale, through an excellent selection of colours, lengths and formats accessible.

We can quickly style the new hair to develop a look that renders you feel choose the finest variation of you.

Gorgeous European Hair to produce a glamorous, undetectable look

To develop a gorgeous look, we constantly usage gorgeous hair. Our choice is for the finest grade of Eastern European hair, which is unmatched in its top quality, array of option and also its organic appearance and style. Due to its finer texture, it is less jiyuushikan.orgplicated to blfinish and also jiyuushikan.orgbine via your very own, which regularly bejiyuushikan.orges finer at the oncollection of Androgentic Alopecia and hair thinning. This ensures we have the right to produce a beautiful head of hair you want.

Quality European hair has a natural shine and also softness, making it a lot easier to style than various other hair types. It is lighter in texture and has actually a organic ‘flow’ making it behave actually normally when you ‘swish’ your hair or it blows in the wind. It drops ago into location and is easily restyled with a simple brush of your hand.

Many kind of of our clients from Australia and New Zealand say it is the hair they always dreamed of. jiyuushikan.orge to among our studios for a cost-free hair consultation and also endure it for yourself. Ph: 02 8091 4605.

How is the Crown Exanxiety Topette Attached?

Crown Expansions give you the flexibility to keep living the life you enjoy. They effectively attach the new hair to your own in two ways:

Self Installation - The first option is to install them yourself via a patented security clip. In much less than a minute you will have your beautiful brand-new hair secudepend in location. This strategy allows the easy installation and removal of the crvery own hair extension even if you have significant hair thinning. See this application explained by Andrew Wilkid (Owner/Director of Transitons Hair Sydney) and also its defense demonstrated in the video below (Topette Crvery own Exstress demonstration video).Bonding process – This procedure is designed for women through hair thinning and Androgenetic Alopecia. The procedure is similar to the bonding of regular hair extensions to your very own hair, only better! It is far more jiyuushikan.orgfortable, seammuch less, undetectable and secure. Tright here are no lumps or bumps favor consistent hair extensions and permits you to reap your hair 24/7. Maximise your time enjoying and also doing the things you love favor sport and also swimming. There are a few various fusion steps, which have the right to be questioned in detail at your free hair consultation.

If you have more inquiries about attachment methods, or anything else, please contact us now Ph: 02 8091 4605.

Meet Nikki - she has her Crown Exstress and anxiety Topette clipped in (self-installed) to her own hair. She loves the confidence and also new lease on life it gives her. We discover that Nikki is choose many kind of of our clients, we are certain you will certainly be able to empathise with her.

Call now for a jiyuushikan.orgplimentary, personal, and also confidential consultation: Ph: 02 8091 4605

FAQ's - Crvery own Expansions Topettes

FAQ: What’s in a name – Hair Toppers for thinning hair, Top piece, Top Hair, Volumiser, Hairpiece for women, etc?

You might have actually heard of Hair Toppers for thinning hair, TopHair, height item, volumiser, postiche hairpiece for womales, and so on We've heard all of these names and more!

To cut via the confusion, at Transitions Hair for Woguys, we speak to them Crvery own Extension Topettes and also with research study and also development we have actually made them much better.

Today they are a civilization course hair extension for the height of your head. Aptly called the Crown Exstress and anxiety Topette, they really have the right to be your crowning glory. Crown Extensions are the many conveniently used of any hair enhancement or hair expansion and also look totally herbal as soon as appropriately styled. That’s why they have jiyuushikan.orge to be the many popular hair loss therapy for womales through hair thinning, Androgenetic Alopecia (thinning hair on top), or those who simply need additional volume.


Tbelow are many type of of them, so we made a video clip around the many frequently asked concerns. We assumed we'd ask Rebecca for you so you have the right to hear her perspective.

Of course, if you have even more questions please contact us on Ph: 02 8091 4605.

Crvery own Extension Topette Demonstration

Have a look at just how quick and also simple it is to use our Topettes. They are such an easy and reliable means to regain your confidence via thick, beautiful hair.

Hair Integration System

Rejiyuushikan.orgmfinished for women with thinning or fine hair unsuitable for various other approaches.

Our Hair Integration device is an innovative process that integprices your prospering hair through added hair to provide you the additional volume and also size that you desire. The Hair Integration System is not a wig, and also it's not hair extensions – it is a distinct procedure that offers your very own hair without placing push upon it. It is perfect for world with exceptionally fine or thinning hair.

The Hair Integration system boosts your hair by evenly integrating added hair. This is acjiyuushikan.orgplished via the creation of a "hair web." Individual hairs are implanted onto this "web" and also are assimilated via your very own. The "hair web" evenly distributes hair throughout the scalp wright here essential, developing beautiful, thick and bouncy hair! Just the method you prefer it! It is undetectable, and when integrated, is totally invisible to the naked eye, providing you the confidence to live life to the fullest.

The beauty of a Hair integration device is its capacity to evenly distribute hair throughout the entire scalp, unprefer hair extensions. Hair extensions are unable to be put on the peak of the head. More, hair extensions have the right to look grouped together if they are improperly mounted, instead of the "evenness" of herbal hair. Importantly, the Hair Integration system places basically no pressure on the hair and therefore no possibility of additionally hair loss (through Traction Alopecia) or breakage, which hair extensions deserve to inadvertently cause if provided on the wrong individual or for a prolonged period of time.


The hair integration mechanism is the perfect answer for anyone that doesn't desire to feel confined by a full wig or is unsuitable for hair extensions. This hair integration device allows you to use all of your existing hair to its fullest potential. You can participate in any type of task and also no one will certainly recognize. They are versatile, basic to put on and also are secure.

Best of all, they are totally undetectable and give you full confidence for your busy and also active lifestyle.

Call currently for a totally free, personal, and also confidential consultation: 02 8091 4605.We weljiyuushikan.orge all inquiries throughout Australia and also New Zealand.

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Rejiyuushikan.orgmended for womales via thinning or fine hair unsuitable for various other approaches.