I discovered a mysterious folder named e849ad3686d570a415 in the root of a hard disk. It consists of a subfolder i386 which is inaccessible.

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Do I have malware on my PC? How deserve to I delete this folder?



It"s an installation folder. I have actually one via an "amd64" and "i386" folder. The contents of the "i386" folder look like the installation records for a printer driver.

To take control of a folder view the answers to my question on the topic. Don"t forgain to rotate "Simple Data Sharing" off.

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Malware is an exterior possibility, yet would usually perform a far better task of masquerading as somepoint wise and also necessary. It is the majority of likely debris left over from the install of some 32-bit software program. Take a backup of it; rerelocate it. If nothing witters over the next couple of weeks, you were safe. The name suggests that is not intfinished to be a permanent brochure.

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Thats NOT Malware

This is a standard folder name, that Microsoft supplies to area records in. The numbers (e849ad3686d570a415) represent Hexadecimal coding in collection of pairs (e8 49 ad 36 86 d5 70 a4 15) so that it will certainly not be well-known by software program.


1) Go to "tools" food selection at the top

2) Choose "folder options"

3) Under View Tab deactivate the choice "use easy file sharing"

4) Now Select the Folder You wan to delete

5) Right click it and pick "Sharing and also security"

6) Under Security Tab

7) Add User to List

8) Then Below in Perobjectives

9) Select "Full Control"

10) Apply and also OK

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