Chrome stops scrolling


While you are making use of Google Chrome, the scroll wheel on your PC’s computer mouse seems to not job-related properly. This is fairly a starray problem. Then, you ask “why does my scroll soptimal functioning on Chrome” and “how carry out I solve scroll wheel not working in Chrome”. Take it straightforward and also now you can recognize the factors and also gain solutions from this write-up from

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Scroll Wheel Stops Working in Chrome

When using a mouse on a computer, the scroll wheel occasionally falls short, for instance, it jumps. In this write-up - What to Do If Your Mouse Scroll Wheel Jumps in Windows 10, we have shown you this issue in detail. Today, we will discuss an additional problem with the mouse wheel – it won’t scroll in Chrome.

Tip: In addition, you may enrespond to other mouse troubles on your computer, for example, mouse keeps freezing, right-click doesn’t job-related, left-click isn’t working, computer mouse lags, etc.

According to Google Chrome individuals, the worry of mouse wheel not scrolling makes them annoyed considering that scrolling is vital when browsing websites. Sometimes the scrolling feature functions fine on various other browsers various other than Google Chrome.

What reasons the scroll wheel not working in Chrome? Smooth scrolling and Chrome extensions are 2 main reasons behind webweb page not scrolling. In the complying with component, some solutions to resolve mouse wheel not scrolling in Chrome will certainly be described in information.

Fixes for Scroll Wheel Not Working in Chrome

Disable Smooth Scrolling in Chrome

If you are bothered by this worry, you need to think about disabling smooth scrolling that is a attribute in Chrome. Many kind of individuals have reported disabling this function can entirely solve the concern and also make the wheel run usually aacquire. Follow these steps below:

Tip 1: Launch Google Chrome, type chrome://flags to the resolve bar and also push Enter.

Step 2: Type smooth scrolling to the search bar and the alternative have to be highlighted. Click the drop-dvery own food selection and also select Disabled.


Tip 3: Restart Chrome and also check out if the issue of mouse scroll not functioning in internet browser is solved.

Disable Google Chrome Extensions

According to customers, your mouse wheel won’t scroll in Chrome if you install a particular extension. Disabling the recently included Chrome extensions deserve to be valuable to deal with this difficulty.

Step 1: Open Google Chrome, input chrome://extensions to the deal with bar and press Enter.

Tip 2: Locate the extension which was added freshly and also click the Remove button or disable this extension by switching the toggle.


Enable and also Disable Scroll Inactive Windows

Although this method is beneficial to deal with Windows 10 scrolling troubles, you can also have a try to deal with mouse scroll not functioning in Chrome.

Tip 1: Go to Start > Settings > Devices > Mouse.

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Step 2: Locate the alternative Scroll inactive home windows when I hover over them and disable it.


Step 3: Wait for a few secs and then permit it.

Step 4: Repeat this action 3 or 4 times and examine if you have actually resolved scroll wheel not functioning in Chrome.

Enable Universal Scrolling

Many users shown on Google’s forum that it’s useful to resolve this problem by enabling universal scrolling and including Google Chrome to the exceptions list. This strategy is applied to Lenovo laptop computers. If you are making use of such a lapheight, follow these steps:

Tip 1: Open Control Panel in Windows 10/8/7 and also check out all the items by large icons.

Tip 2: Click Mouse and go to Lenovo > Advanced Properties.

Step 3: Go to Wheel to encertain Enable Universal Scrolling is selected.

Tip 4: Choose Exceptions and also add Chrome to the exceptions list.

Reinstall Chrome

In Google Chrome Aid Forum, we discovered many type of individuals have reresolved computer mouse wheel not scrolling by reinstalling Chrome. So, you have the right to also have actually a shot to check out if this helps.

Rekeep Chrome to Default Settings

Restoring Chrome to default settings is one more solution to scroll wheel not working in Chrome. The complying with is the guide:

Step 1: After launch Google Chrome, click the three vertical dots food selection and also click Settings.

Tip 2: Click Advanced, choose Restore settings to their original defaults from the Recollection and also clean up section and click Recollection settings.

After finishing the procedure, rebegin the web browser to view if the problem of webwebsite scroll not working in Chrome is readdressed.

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In enhancement, tright here are some other methods you deserve to use if the scroll wheel fails in Chrome. They are making use of Chrome Cleanup Device, deleting user profile data, or including the Logitech Smooth Scrolling expansion (applied to the instance of Logitechnology mouse scroll wheel not working in Chrome). If these methods over couldn’t assist, you have the right to try these remedies.