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I used to know this but can not remember it now and can not discover the original website where I had actually learned it from.

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In macOS, just how have the right to I use a key-board command also to gain a photo to open up in Google Chrome? I understand exactly how to copy, tab over to Chrome and paste it, but those are as well many type of measures.

Tright here is actually just one action as soon as you are on the photo (in the Photos app) to kind a key-board shortreduced that immediately opens a Chrome tab and also your image is there - one action.



If my memory serves me, I think it to be: the mac equiv of the windows button (option?) + t. Or Ctrl + t.

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Using Photos 3.0, there does NOT appear to be a integrated means to share to a internet browser (check out pic) or export either.


You have the right to right-click on a photo and also choose "Edit With -> Other" and also pick Chrome, yet I don"t there"s a method to assign a shortcut vital to that.


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