Chrome not scrolling

Hi, I have had this issue for months and still can't find a solution. Tabs randomly soptimal scrolling and also won't start functioning aget until I refresh the tab. Other tabs scroll fine so the problem is limited to individual tabs.

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I have actually tried all the different versions of Chrome (Stable, Canary, Chromium) without any kind of luck. Is anyone else facing the same issue?

UPDATE: I am seeing new comments of users with the same trouble so it appears it's still not solved although I haven't tested it aacquire. For me, the workapproximately was disabling the 'Smooth scrolling' function by going to chrome://flags. I am utilizing the latest Canary construct (version 72). Even after disabling it, the scrolling continues to be smooth (although not buttery smooth). Hope this helps someone else.



Tbelow is a deal with for this. Turn off smooth scrolling in chrome://flags//. Change from default alternative to off and this fixes this concern.

Apparently, it's an issue that's been recognized for months or more and also there is still no deal with for it whatsoever before. However before, in my endure, it's been appearing more and also more lately regardmuch less of the scrolling style, websites, extensions, browser version and also mouse/touchpad settings. Super annoying and also makes me want to switch to another web browser for great currently.

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I've been having actually this issue also and haven't been able to uncover anypoint digital aside from a comparable issue from a year earlier.

I've noticed for me I don't need to refresh the tab - clicking in the mousewheel to turn my cursor into a scrolling point then clicking aobtain to turn it off brings scrolling ago too. Does the exact same thing for you?

The scrolling thing happens to me too plus Chrome has actually also been running like ass for me the previous week.

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For me some websites don't scroll at all. Refresh doesn't assist.

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