Chrome 3 dots missing

When the 3 dots go absent, it typically gets replaced with a red upward pointing arrow, although some users have reported different habits. Regardless, the following will apply to most customers.


If you float your mouse over the red arrowhead, you’ll gain a toolguideline boxin which the first details is irpertinent, yet it additionally tells you that there’s an update available for your internet browser.


To install the Chrome update and reinstate your 3 dot menu, click on the red arrow, and then click on Upday Google Chrome


You need to relaunch your internet browser for the transforms to take impact.

Upon relaunching your glorious 3-dot menu has returned!

I love the Chrome internet browser, yet the Chrome team has done a horrible job on the UX on this particular component of the UI because the arrow up icon just looks choose an symbol from a Chrome Extension. Obvious always wins, and this is not obvious!

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