A child-concentrated counseling practice with evening, after school and weekend appointments accessible. Accepting many significant insurances.

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Kalamazoo Child and also Family Counseling offers compassionate and also high quality treatment to children and also their family members.

We are a mental wellness clinic dedicated to serving youngsters and teenagers. Our clinicians all have special training and also suffer in child development and also problems certain to children’s mental health and wellness. We a have a pediatric focus that is both trauma-informed and rooted in researched-based methods known to be effective via kids. Our counseling facility specializes in providing treatment to children with anxiety, post-traumatic anxiety disorder (PTSD), grief and also loss and also behavioral disorders like oppositional defiant disorder. In addition we job-related via many foster and adoptive families. We help children and also their caregivers that are suffering attachment and also relational difficulties.

Whether your boy is experiencing difficulties via tension, impulsivity, defiance or various other behavior and emotional difficulties, we deserve to help. Our team of boy therapists provides son and also family members counseling. We usage evidence-based methods assist kids cope with and also get over difficulty.

Our office is not just child-friendly—this is a place simply for kids (and also their families)

We occupational via a number of insurance service providers and are proudly helping youngsters and their households in the Kalamazoo, Portage, Mattawan and South West Michigan location. We understand also that children and their parental fees are busy! We have actually evening and also weekfinish availcapacity for appointments. Our office is close to the Cross Roads Mall in Portage, MI. We are located on the second tier of the Hillside Complex in the back with plenty of parking.

Your Child May Need Therapy If...

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They are defiant, or angry. Verbally or physically aggressive or are commonly throwing temper tantrums. Hyperactive, impulsive, unable to concentrate or disruptive at college. Worried, fearful, excessively sad, experiencing from low self esteem or having actually troubles making friends. Have been through something traumatic. Or are going via a transitional time in their life (such as being in foster treatment, or are being adopted). It deserve to be tough informing if its just phase or if somepoint even more is going on when kids are struggling. We are happy to consult and also administer guidance about whether somepoint is typical or cause for problem.

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Kalamazoo Child and Family Counseling provides treatment to children and also households in Kalamazoo, Portage, Mattawan, Galesburg, Parchment, Allegan, Plainwell, Otsego and also South West Michigan