Checking file system on c ntfs

Recently, I have my Windows 7 checking file mechanism all the moment when I reboot/boot it. I already run the check many kind of times, however the message keeps popping.

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The message is

checking file mechanism on C:Th kind of the file system is NTFS.One of your disks demands to be checked for consistenncy. Youmight cancel the disk examine, yet it is strongly recommendedthat you proceed.And it"ll take hrs to end up the examine. I deserve to cancel the task, yet I sometimes reboot the COMPUTER remotely, so it"s exceptionally annoying.

Why carry out I have actually this message over and over again? How have the right to I reboot normally?

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This problem is what Windows refers to as "establishing the dirty bit" and you need to uncollection that little bit. If the dirty bit is collection,then autochk percreates an instant chkdsk /f on that volume. This is commonly brought about by an unexplained shutdvery own or a power loss throughout a read/create procedure.

This can possibly fix it:

Click Start and also kind cmd in the search programs and files dialog box. Then type fsutil dirty query c:.

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This query will rerotate a response if your drive is dirty or not. Many likely its dirty

Next off, kind chkntfs /x c:.

The x tells Windows to not check that specific drive on the following reboot. At this point reboot your computer, it must not percreate a chkdsk on startup and also take you straight to Windows.

When you are earlier in Windows you desire to do a manual check disk on the c drive, to carry out this:

Click Start and also type cmd in the search programs and also records dialog box. Now kind chkdsk /f /r c:

This should take you with 5 steras of the sdeserve to and will certainly uncollection that dirty little.Because this will have to run a checkdisk on your C drive it will certainly ask you to run it on your following restart.

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Finally, type fsutil dirty query c:

This will certainly confirm that the dirty little is not collection on that drive. Hopecompletely this resolves your trouble.