Check disk for consistency

Summary: Have you ever before encountered the error message “One of your Disk Needs to be checked for Consistency. You may cancel the disk inspect, yet it is strongly recommfinished that you continue.” in the time of Windows booting? This post gives 6 qualified services for you. Keep reading!

Error “One of your Disk Needs to be Checked for Consistency. You might cancel the disk examine, however it is strongly recommfinished that you proceed.” is something you have to not be worried. You also require not issue around your tough drive. Let us offer you a couple of factors why this occur.

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Reasons for Windows are Checking Your Disk for Consistency

Shut down the PC improperlyCOMPUTER crashes down suddenlyCOMPUTER freezeBattery removedPower outageRemoving USB Flash drive while Windows has its existing activity with the drive

What To Do

When this error pops up, enable it to run via it might take some time. If examine disk cancels on startup, the error one of your disks needs to be checked for consistency every reboot pops up aget leaving you no choice.

This is bereason the operating system still considers the drive for scanning and checking. In the situation of USB flash drive, Windows requirements to sdeserve to the drive completely to mark it as CLEAN aobtain.

Why is my computer checking the disk at eexceptionally startup? If eincredibly time Windows reboot, and also it instantly scans your USB flash drive, right here is what you deserve to carry out to disable automatic disk examine.

Disabling Automatic Disk Check of USB Flash Drive

Step 1. Go to Start Menu search box and also kind CMD.

Tip 2. Click the Command Prompt and also continue to Run as Administrator

Step 3. In the command also home window, type chkntfs /x F: (Relocation F: to the drive letter of USB Flash Drive)


Step 4. Press Enter to disable automatic disk examine lastly.

Now we provide you additionally solutions. and, right here is the point you must execute. Back up your files! Why? Running chkdsk command also can cause loss of information. This is because of examine the disk for consistency eincredibly reboot excessively.

If in the worst instance your records have been lost, download and install Bitwar Data Recoextremely – your companion recoincredibly tool in ensuring your files are safely back. To recoup your information, follow the measures gave below:

Recover Documents With Bitwar Data Recovery

Step 1. Select the device or drive wbelow you wish to recuperate your shed data.


Step 2. Select a recoincredibly mode and also pick your taracquire reextending file kinds (e.g., record, photo, video)

Step 3. Sdeserve to and ptestimonial the information, then hit the Recover switch and also conserve the data right into different gadget or partition.

After recovering the records effectively, let’s continue to the remedies in resolving “One of your Disk Needs to be Checked for Consistency. You may cancel the disk inspect, but it is strongly recommended that you proceed.”

5 Methods to Fix one of Your Disk Needs to be Checked for Consistency

Method 1: Disable Automatic Disk Check through Registry Editor

Tip 1. Type Regedit in the search box when opening the Start Menu.

Tip 2. Right-click regmodify.exe. Select Run as administrator

Step 3. Go to the left component of the Regisattempt Editor and also expand also the following keys:

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINES/SYSTEM/CurrentControlSet/Control/Session Manager

Tip 4. Locate and double-click BootExecute. Find default value is autocheck autochk * – all drive is checked for consistency.


Step 5. Type “/K:C” in in between autochck and also *, rearea C to your difficult drive letter. This action is to disable autoinspect at device startup.

Method 2: Run chkdsk Command

Tip 1. Rerelocate floppy disk, DVD, and also CD from the COMPUTER and also restart.

Step 2. Press F8 before Windows logo design appears in the screen.

Tip 3. When the Advance Boot Option shows up, by using the arrow keys, highlight alternatives.

Step 4. Choose to Repair your computer system.

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Tip 5. Type chkdsk C: /r/f, Remember aacquire that replace C: to your tough drive.


Method 3: Test Hard Drive through Diagnostic Tool

If in the situation that disk examine cannot settle the error, perform the following steps.

Tip 1. Utilize the utility of the driver’s manufacturer in the testing hard drive. In doing this, go to the main website of driver’s manufacturer and also search for any diagnostic tool where you have the right to perform scanning of your disk.

Step 2. Test difficult drive using a third-party tool. You have the right to search digital for devices that have actually a complimentary function in trial and error tough drive condition and also deal with negative sectors.

Tip 3. Run the regime on your PC.

Tip 4. Right-click the disk and also select Verify or Repair Bad Sectors.

Method 4: Disk Defragment

Tip 1. Go to This PC; find the tough drive where disk inspect was perdeveloped.

Step 2. Right-click tough drive and select Properties.

Tip 3. Go to Tools tab and also click Optimize which is under Defragmentation.


This method have the right to also continue by opening the Command also Prompt and also kind chkdsk C:/f (relocation C with the drive letter assigned to your hard drive) to complete.

Method 5: Layout Disk

When nopoint works in the above techniques, you may now format your disk.

Tip 1. Go to This COMPUTER, situate your difficult drive.

Tip 2. Right-click your hard drive and choose Style. Then follow all the prompt messeras.

Discover It Now!

Error “One of your Disks Needs to be Checked for Consistency. You may cancel the disk check, but it is strongly recommended that you proceed.” is an indication that tright here is somepoint wrong with the operating mechanism.

Before doing any type of offered approaches above, make certain to recoup your file (which is the most crucial thing) appropriate ahead of time. By this, you execute not need to worry, downpack Bitbattle Data Recoextremely to recoup lost papers.

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Take note that no specialization needed, it just takes few clicks ameans, and also you have your documents earlier. You need to also understand also that Windows periodically prompts in the scanning disk automatically eexceptionally single time of rebooting also if the checked disk has actually been completed.