Check bluetooth radio status

Bluetooth provides you the freedom to relocate without a tether, yet it isn’t constantly the the majority of trustworthy way to usage wiremuch less devices. If you’re having actually trouble via Bluetooth on your Windows machine, you can follow the steps below to troubleshoot it.

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Basic Bluetooth Troubleshooting Steps

While many kind of of these actions might seem obvious, they will solve many kind of of the a lot of prevalent Bluetooth issues on Windows.

Check That Bluetooth Is Turned On

Start by making sure Bluetooth is actually enabled on your Windows PC. Just because the symbol is in the taskbar doesn’t expect your Bluetooth radio is actually turned on.

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To inspect it, click the Windows notice symbol on your taskbar in the bottom-ideal corner of your screen. If you don’t see a “Bluetooth” tile, click the “Expand” switch. If the “Bluetooth” tile is grayed-out, your Bluetooth radio is turned off.

Click it to rotate it ago on—the tile will rotate blue to present the change.


You deserve to likewise head to Setups > Devices > Bluetooth and also Other Devices and toggle the “Bluetooth” switch until it turns blue.

Rebegin Your Bluetooth Radio

If Bluetooth is enabled, switching it off and on aget can fix some underlying concerns of which you’re unmindful.

To do this, click the notice icon in your Windows taskbar to access your quick settings. Click the “Bluetooth” tile to turn it off. Once it goes gray, click it aget to rotate it earlier on.


When the tile transforms blue, your Bluetooth radio is ago on, and prepared to use.

Check the Battery

If you aren’t keeping track of the battery level on your Bluetooth tool, you might not also be mindful as soon as it runs out of power.

Before you try an extra significant solution, you could desire to rearea the batteries in your Bluetooth device or charge it, and then attempt it again.

Restart Your PC

The finest fixes are occasionally the simplest, and if you haven’t tried it currently, give your COMPUTER a quick restart.


When you reboot your PC, you wipe the slate clean, and also clear out any idle procedures or memory leaks. It’s not a miracle resolve, yet it deserve to rectify some issues via the hardware, so provide it a go.

Check Bluetooth Interference and also Device Distance

Bluetooth gadgets connect wirelessly through radio waves. As with a Wi-Fi netjob-related, interference can influence Bluetooth connections. Other radio signals, physical obstacles (like thick walls), and tools favor microwaves deserve to all block or degrade a Bluetooth link.

Take a moment to survey the area. How much ameans is your Bluetooth tool from your PC? The bigger the distance, the weaker the signal.

Move your tool closer to your COMPUTER and also watch if it effects the Bluetooth connectivity. If not, try (if possible) to use your Bluetooth tool in an additional location. You deserve to additionally usage third-party apps, like the Bennett Bluetooth Monitor, to check your Bluetooth’s signal stamina.


If the trouble persists, interference can not be the trouble. But tbelow are some other potential fixes.

Install or Update Bluetooth Device Drivers

Windows 10 automatically installs drivers for gadgets that connect to it, yet just once those vehicle drivers are easily accessible on your PC or via Windows Update. In the majority of cases, though, Bluetooth gadgets (specifically keyboards and also mice) must job-related fine appropriate out of the box.

If Windows can’t uncover the correct motorists for your Bluetooth device, yet, it won’t work-related. If this happens, inspect the gadget manufacturer’s website to view if it uses a driver for your gadget. If so, downfill and install it, and also that should solve the trouble.

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This additionally applies to the Bluetooth radio itself. If the motorists for your Bluetooth chipcollection aren’t mounted automatically, Bluetooth won’t occupational on your COMPUTER. Visit the COMPUTER manufacturer’s webwebsite or, if you developed the COMPUTER yourself, check the motherboard manufacturer’s website for supported drivers.

You could additionally uncover that a brand-new Windows update has impacted your device, requiring updated drivers. In the majority of situations, Windows will look for and also install updated drivers automatically. If it doesn’t, though, visit the tool manufacturer’s webwebsite and install the latest drivers.

To see whether your Bluetooth tool is set up, you have to inspect the Windows Device Manager. To execute this, right-click the Windows Start switch and click “Device Manager.”


If your Bluetooth gadget is recognized, it appears under the category appropriate to its purpose. For example, a Bluetooth radio would certainly be under the “Bluetooth” category. If the device isn’t well-known, it will certainly be noted under the “Other Devices” category.

When you discover it, right-click the gadget, and then click “Upday Driver” to search for a brand-new driver.


Click “Search Automatically for Updated Driver Software” if you want to search for a driver instantly.

If you downloaded the driver from the manufacturer’s website (and it doesn’t include an automatic installer), click “Browse My Computer for Driver Software” and also follow the onscreen instructions.


If you clicked “Search Automatically for Updated Driver Software,” Windows will tell you if it thinks you currently have the ideal driver for your tool. However before, you can also search Windows Upday for options.

To carry out so, just click “Search for Updated Drivers on Windows Update” to continue.


This opens Windows Upday in Setups. Click “Check for Updates” to begin a search.

When (or if) Windows Upday finds an updated driver for your device, it will downpack and also install it. When that process is finish, rebegin your COMPUTER, and also then try your Bluetooth gadget aobtain.

Rerelocate and Re-Pair Your Bluetooth Device

Sometimes, removing the Bluetooth gadget from your PC resolves link problems. You can then “re-pair” the device with your PC.

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To start this process, open the Bluetooth settings in Windows. If the Bluetooth symbol is visible in the Windows taskbar, right-click it, and then pick “Open Settings.”


If you don’t view the Bluetooth symbol, right-click the Start food selection and choose “Setups.” From there, click Devices > Bluetooth and also Other Devices to accessibility your Bluetooth settings.

Your recognized Bluetooth devices will be detailed below. Select your tool, click “Remove Device,” and also then click “Yes” to confirm. This gets rid of the device from your COMPUTER.


When the procedure is completed, rebegin your PC.

After you log ago in on your device, head earlier to the Bluetooth settings. Click “Add Bluetooth or Other Device” at the top. In the “Add a Device” home window that appears, click “Bluetooth.”


Wait for your PC to detect the tool, and also then click it to affix. You could should type a PIN on one or both gadgets to permit them to pair.

Use the Windows 10 Troubleshooter

If all else fails, you have the right to likewise attempt the Windows Troubleshooter on Windows 10 and also see if it deserve to settle your Bluetooth worries. It checks your Bluetooth radio and tool settings step-by-action, and identifies any kind of concerns.

If it detects an problem, it will certainly indevelop you, and either ask you whether you’d choose to fix it or straight you on just how you deserve to settle the problem yourself.

To run Windows Troubleshooter, right-click the Start menu and also pick “Setups.”

From there, go to Upday and Security > Troubleshoot > Bluetooth, and then click “Run the Troubleshooter.” Windows will immediately start working via your Bluetooth status and configuration. If it finds a trouble, it’ll straight you to deal with it.

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If the Troubleshooter can’t settle the difficulty, you can want to call the gadget manufacturer for additionally assistance and also advice, as the difficulty could be with the hardware.