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Olympian ice dancer Charlie White, who had conquered throughout the seakid, was voted off "Dancing With the Stars" Monday night, just one week shy of the finale.

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"I absolutely think the truth we were able to make some really one-of-a-kind dances renders it a tiny little much easier," White sassist this morning on "jiyuushikan.orgod Morning America" of his perfect scores. "We"re disappointed because we were so close to the last, and also to have the ability to have one last competitive dance via each other would have actually been distinct, however simply the journey itself, we"re simply grateful for all the opportunities and also the friendship that we currently have via the massive "Dancing With the Stars" family."

His professional dancing partner, Sharna Citizen, explained that although she was technically the teacher, she learned so much from him, too.

"He taught me so a lot around positivity and also your outlook on life, and simply not sweating the small stuff," said Citizen. "It was wonderful, as a lot as I was the coach and also the teacher, to actually learn somepoint from him, also. It was really a blessing, and prefer he shelp, we"ve acquired a wonderful friendship currently, as well."

The ballroom audience booed its displeasure with Monday night"s result, and co-hold Tom Bergeron acknowledged the result was a shocker.

White was nopoint but positive about his time on the dance floor though, including he"ll take his new skills and also use them on the ice.

"It"s a various way of moving," he shelp on "GMA." "The way you organize your companion, the method you lead, the facility of gravity, it"s totally different. I expected it to be much easier, honestly. It was very hard, however I learned a lot."

White had actually been supposed to make the finale next week, however, rather, he and also his Olympic partner, Meryl Davis, found themselves and their particular pro partners in peril of elimicountry.

The star with the lowest linked complete of judges" scores and also viewer votes from the previous week"s performance is mostly voted off.

Actress Danica McKellar was voted off last week.

Monday"s guest judge was Kenny Ortega, a choreographer who worked with Michael Jackkid and on musical films including "Dirty Dancing." Ortega choreographed and also directed the "High School Musical" film series.

This was the 9th week of the ABC"s show"s 18 th seakid.

Actress Candace Cameron Bure - that had actually been the cumulative low scorer of the seaboy, paralympian Amy Purdy, "Big Time Rush" star James Maslow and also Davis will rerevolve next week to complete in the finale. The winner will be announced during a live results present on Tuesday.

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Monday"s Routines

Each couple danced two individual routines, earning 2 sepaprice scores which were unified into a grand total for the night.

Candace Cameron Bure: The "Full House" actress"s initially dance was a romantic Viennese waltz that attracted blended reviews from judges, who pointed out that she made mistakes that seemed to affect the remainder of her performance. "If you wrong, which - it happens to every one of us - cover it," judge Bruno Tonioli sassist. "Don"t simply show it on your challenge … ." Head judge Len jiyuushikan.orgodguy shelp he thought she did "great" despite the mistakes, and guest judge Ortega agreed. Judge Carrie Ann Inaba said Bure had actually the perfect catalyst to do better for her second dance of the night. Bure"s disappointment was visible, but it easily turned to elation once the show"s co-host, Tom Bergeron, told her she had actually made it right into the following week"s finale. Her pro partner, Mark Ballas, lifted her into the air. Bure has actually cumulatively been the lowest scorer of the seaboy, Bergeron said. She earned two 8s and also 2 9s for her Viennese Waltz, for a total of 34 out of a possible 40 points.

jiyuushikan.orgodguy shelp the actress"s second dance, a jazz number, was crisp and also clean. "I believed it was wonderful. I thought you did it marvelously and entirely unmeant so well done," he shelp. Ortega said the regimen reminded him of "the excellent females of Broadmeans." Tonioli shelp she percreated well and also didn"t wrong, and also Inaba uncovered the program was well-rehearsed, however she told Bure she would have actually chosen to watch even more "attitude" in some of the activities. Bure earned 2 10s and also 2 9s, for a total of 38 points. Her grand complete for the night was 72 out of a possible 80 points.

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Charlie White: Even though the Olympic ice dancer had just uncovered out that he remained in jeopardy of elimicountry, his whimsical foxtrot - his first dance of the night - earned him a standing ovation from Tonioli and also Ortega. Ortega dubbed the regime "indescribably delightful," while Tonioli mentioned White"s flair, sophistication and also pizzazz. "You started as Fred Astaire and you finimelted as (ballet dancing great Mikhail) Baryshnikov," he said. Inaba sassist it was "Brilliant! Brilliant! Brilliant!" and also jiyuushikan.orgodman included, simply: "That"s best, tonight, Charlie White! End of story." White earned four 10s, for a perfect score of 40.

White"s second regimen, a samba, jiyuushikan.orgt much less favor with the judges, that uncovered it doing not have. jiyuushikan.orgodmale said it looked "bit heavy at times." Inaba said she was sad that White remained in jeopardy, yet agreed that something was absent from the program. Tonioli and Ortega agreed that White perdeveloped well but additionally sassist the regime required something more. White earned 4 9s for a complete of 36 points, and also a night"s grand complete of 76 points.

Amy Purdy: The paralympian snow boarder - who was dancing on 2 prosthetic carbon fiber knives tonight - - acquired a remarkable lift in spirits when media mogul Oprah Winfrey dubbed during rehearsals to commend her courage. She and pro companion Derek Hough earned a standing ovation for their regimen. "My jaw was dropping on the desk. If I wasn"t watching this life I would think you"re wearing wires," he shelp. Pointing out her range of procedures, rate and also floor craft, he asked: "How perform you carry out it, girl?" Inaba sassist the regimen took her breath away, and also Ortega asked voters to send Purdy - who was in jeopardy of elimination tonight - to the finals next week. jiyuushikan.orgodmale sassist he believed the dance was technically her biggest difficulty, and also said he"d have actually wanted to watch even more body contact and stronger posture, yet added: "Watching you influenced me to and also execute somepoint." Purdy earned three 10s and a 9 for a full of 39 points.

Judges loved Purdy"s second program - a stylish jazz number. Ortega told Purdy"s pro partner, Derek Hough, that he"d "redefined choreography for this generation." jiyuushikan.orgodman provided Hough a standing ovation for his choreography, and Inaba sassist the regimen looked "favor so a lot fun to carry out," but she pointed out that Hough and also Purdy were slightly out of sync at one point. Tonioli dubbed it "classical jazz at its best." Purdy earned three 10s and also a 9, for a total of 39 and a night"s grand also total of 78.

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James Maslow: The "Big Time Rush" star - elated to learn he would certainly proceed to next week"s finals - danced the cha-cha to Michael Jackson"s newly released song, "Love Never before Felt So jiyuushikan.orgod." Judges were thrilled. Inaba said she was surprised Maslow-moving decided to take on Jackchild bereason it"s so hard to carry out, but she sassist he did it extremely well. "It was, oh my jiyuushikan.orgd, it was so great," she said. jiyuushikan.orgodmale dubbed the performance "a terrific blfinish of Michael Jackboy references" that still had plenty of cha-cha content. "It was an excellent number. Well done!" he sassist. Tonioli shelp Maslow managed to make the regimen look "effortlessly cool and yet on fire." Ortega said the performance was electrifying. Masluggish earned four 10s, for a perfect score of 40 points.

In Maslow"s second regime, a rumba, judges faulted his hands, saying he needed to work on extfinishing them totally. Inaba shelp Maslow"s performance didn"t disappoint, and also jiyuushikan.orgodman said the routine was great, in its entirety. Ortega shelp the regimen was stylish and sexy, and Tonioli said Maslow"s determicountry was "impressive." Maslow-moving earned four 9s for a total of 36, and night"s grand also full of 76.

Meryl Davis: The Olympian ice dancer was in hazard of jiyuushikan.orging residence, however her jive earned her a perfect score and also rave reviews from the judges. "No danger Meryl! That was excellent," jiyuushikan.orgodmale said. Ortega praised the kicks and flicks, turns and sync, and Inaba sassist the movement was flawmuch less. Tonioli included that the dance was a "fifties-inspired rock "n roll extravaganza." She earned 4 10s, for a perfect 40.

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Davis"s second routine, a show-avoiding Viennese waltz, earned her a standing ovation from 3 of four judges. "What I love is the fact that you took that appropriate on the edge … there was no playing safe," jiyuushikan.orgodman shelp. Ortega loved the power, grace and synchronization of the regimen. Tonioli called Davis and also her pro companion, Maksim Chmerkovskiy, "unbelievable," and also sassist their dancing was magnificent. Added Inaba: "You are excellent and also you better not home!" Davis earned four 10s, for a perfect score of 40, and a night"s grand also full of 80 points.

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The Scores (1 st regimen, 2 nd routine)

Meryl Davis and Maksim Chmerkovskiy: 40, 40. Total: 80

Amy Purdy and also Derek Hough: 39, 39. Total: 78

Charlie White and Sharna Burgess: 40, 36. Total: 76 (White was voted off tonight.)