The Change Monitor shows you precisely what is going well and also where the obstacles are in a change process that is already under method.

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Do you desire to generate enthusiasm for a adjust that is ensuing in your company and also are you wondering just how to do that? Are you responsible for a readjust procedure and also would you favor to recognize precisely just how points are progressing? Have you been hearing important remarks and also are you curious to recognize the entirety story? Would you choose to realize a change through the highest possible level of commitment from your employees?

The Change Monitor shows you precisely what is going well and wbelow the obstacles are in a adjust procedure that is currently under means. This indevelopment will certainly help you determine what you should carry out to…

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Our customers like to share their endure of functioning through the Change Monitor. Each of the accounts stresses the quality of the discussions that took location via people from eexceptionally layer within their particular institutions. The intervention allows human being to talk about just how they suffer the alters and also ensures the generation of brand-new ideregarding move the process forward. This helps to achieve the desired goals of the adjust.

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“The Change Monitor gave us a thostormy understanding in the commitment of our employees.”

– Maya van den Heuvel, Avans College of Applied Sciences

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“At an essential moment, the Change Monitor proved to be an excellent treatment to reacquire the flow in our change process.”

– Gauke Zijlstra, Municipality of Dronten

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“The Change Monitor results in beneficial solutions for difficulties and we present that we take our people’s commitment seriously.”

– Eddy Martens, Province of Drenthe

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“The Change Monitor successfully results in concrete actions for improving the changes.”

– Harry Koopman, Avans University of Applied Sciences

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“The Change Monitor secured the solid culture aspects of the smaller companion in our merger.”

– Jos van Ruyven, Lindenberg, Housage for the Arts

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“The Change Monitor brought about a clear agenda that helped us realize the changes.”

– Riegholt Hilbrands, Kadaster

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“Without the Change Monitor we a lot of definitely wouldn’t have actually thought about to cherish our strengths.”

– Audrey Maeren, Assiniboine Crmodify Union

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“The Change Monitor gave me via the base for our adjust agenda.”

– Bart Vaessen, Lindenberg, Housage for the Arts

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“The Change Monitor reflects you those change issues that are not yet in order.”

– Egberdien ten Brink, Social Services Northeast

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“The Change Monitor helps to actively involve civilization in a change process.”

– Saskia Moolhijzen, DHV Consultancy and Engineering (formerly NPC)

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“De Verandermonitor helpt ons in het gesprek over hoe we hoge kwaliteit leveren aan onze klanten.”

– Jos Ploum, Rabobank

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Working via the Change Monitor starts via customizing the method to the particular adjust and case in your organization. You also select the focus you want to make, for instance through the Innovation Monitor or the Culture Monitor. Next off, departments or groups discuss their own outcomes. Throughout the discussion participants discover obstacles to success, what is working well, feasible remedies and also as essential what things have to remajor unchanged.

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