Change winrar temp folder

trouble is, the settings only permit me to set the temp course to a particular drive (e.g. C:). i want it to be dynamic (i.e. if the .rar lives in D: , then let the temp course be in D:).

factor is bereason if the temp route is in a fixed directory, time is wasted carrying the file, say from temp C:Temp to D: (wbelow the rar resides).

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anyone knows how?



If you drag and drop from WinRar to Explorer it will usage a temp catalog on your main drive. You have to actually press the "Extract" button on WinRar. The very same is true for 7zip.

To understand also why this is the case, here is an excerpt from 7zip faq:

Why does drag-and-drop archive extractivity from 7-Zip to Explorer usage temp files? 7-Zip does not understand folder course of drop tarobtain. Only Windows Explorer knows precise drop targain. And Windows Explorer demands files (drag source) as decompressed files on disk. So 7-Zip extracts papers from archive to temp folder and also then 7-Zip informs Windows Explorer about paths of these temp documents. Then Windows Explorer copies these papers to drop targain folder.

To prevent temp file consumption, you deserve to usage Extract command of 7-Zip or drag-and-drop from 7-Zip to 7-Zip.

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From the Windows Explorer situate the compressed file and Just ideal click it then choose "Extract here!". Winrar will not use any type of temp brochure just the existing one! (Don"t use double click to open up the compressed file)


If you specify a temp route WinRAR will extract to that dir, even if it resides on a different partition/drive. Instead simply leave the area empty and also an archive"s own dir will certainly be offered for its temp files. If you departure the regimen commonly it must clean up all the temp documents and also not leave anything behind.

There"s no method you deserve to specify multiple temp dirs, one for each partition/drive.


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