Change this pc icon in desktop to %computername%

Microsoft has actually readjusted the name of “My Computer” to “Computer” and also then to “This PC,” and also for those people that like it one means or an additional — or somepoint completely various — you deserve to conveniently rename it.

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It’s really simple too: right-click and also rename it. We’ve tested in Windows 7, 8, and also 10, and it works across all of them — although tright here are a pair of places (prefer the Start Screen) wbelow it won’t be updated through the brand-new name.

The settings will certainly take area anywhere, although periodically you must refresh the desktop or cshed Windows Explorer and also open another home window to make it display up.


And the symbol on the desktop, need to you use it, will certainly likewise be recalled.

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It’s certainly an extremely easy how-to post that is barely required for most people. But it’s excellent if you either didn’t know about it… or, in our case, totally forgot around it until our fantastic forum member Tom reminded us.

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