Change netbios name

In windows if you go to Computer->Properties->State-of-the-art System Settings->Computer Name, you can adjust the computer system name, let"s say from "MYCOMPUTER" to "LEDZEPPELIN".

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This alters the (1) computer name to "LEDZEPPELIN". It likewise transforms the (2) hostname to "LEDZEPPELIN" as soon as I pop right into the url. This additionally allows me to run the (3) NETBIOS lookup from a different computer system connected to the same rexternal that runs linux. I"ll pass "LEDZEPPELIN" as the NETBIOS name.


and also it returns the ip address. I"m perplexed, are all three similar?

If you might carry out a beneficial analogy to help in my knowledge (choose this: Difference between hold name and domajor name) that would certainly be entirely awesome

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A domajor is somepoint you will experience on a occupational netoccupational quite than a house setting generally speaking.immagine:computer name johnnetbios name is usually likewise john (however has stricter naming restrictions)

on a domain your full computer system name may be for example

the company.local bit being the name of the domain itself.

netbios is old method of reresolving names and in many kind of means is not provided, yet is preserved tbelow in the OS for backwards compatibility.

your netbios name and computer name for all intents and also objectives is nearly always the very same.

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out of curiosity, is tbelow a details item of this from the article you connected that you dont understand also and I have the right to try and better clarify.

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answered Dec 16 "11 at 13:35

David CraigDavid Craig
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Windows has actually a host-name which is gave by user at the moment of installation.The same hold name is reresolved right into computer-name by including 2 letters "PC". Then the same name is added as Net-BIOS name by including a new special character ($) at the finish of organize name. All the 3 names readjust by changing host-name.

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answered Aug 13 "19 at 13:29

Rohith KalvalaRohith Kalvala
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