Change mp4 icon

This icon showed up on an MP4 file that I produced

and it bears no co-relation to the file.

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How perform I acquire this intrusive symbol to go away? Windows 7 supplied to have actually a readjust symbol function, yet it isn"t an alternative in Windows 10.


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Hi MyDayIsGood_777, I’m Rey, your Independent Advisor. I just want to clarify your concern. You desire to change the default symbols into your prefered icons prefer this display on the link below. me know and also take a screenswarm of the icon that you desire to usage to your icons.Let"s work on this together.________________________________________________________Standard Disclaimer: There are web links to websites. The peras show up to be giving accurate, safe indevelopment. Watch out for ads on the sites that might advertise commodities typically classified as a PUP (Potentially Unwanted Products). Thoabout study any type of product advertised on the sites prior to you decide to download and install it.
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An symbol has attached itself to an MP4 file that I created and it bears no relationship to what the file is around and I desire to remove it.

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Got it.So you do not have actually that alternative on your finish when you right-click to that file, then Properties>Shortcut and also readjust symbol at the bottom of the pop-up.Do you have actually that? Attached a screenswarm of this for your referral.

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Hi MyDayIsGood_777,I recognize what you intend currently.Thank you for the screenshots.Basically, the icon you have actually is the VLC regimen which is the one you defaulted to watch your mp4 files.Now about the image, this is referred to as Cover art picture of the file. Meaning this is embedded to the .MP4 file. If you wish to rerelocate this, follow the measures below:1. Open the .MP4 file from your VLC routine.2. Click Tools3. And select Audio4. On the Visualization, select Visualizer Filter.5. Save it and also close the VLC.6. Then attempt aacquire.Let me know if this works.Regards
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Sorry for the misexpertise MyDayIsGood_777.What I intend around the VLC, in which it will certainly let you edit the Cover art photo. This is a cover art picture added by the one who made this mp4 and also probably if this was created by you, the mp3 or music on this file was developed by someone and they included this cover are. You may usage the VLC to modify this.Let me recognize if this helps, if not, I will certainly let various other advisors inspect on this.Regards,
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Hey, v_realo, that assisted me! Thanks. Have a good day.