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With iTunes 8, Apple presented the "Grid View" method of displaying your music, movies, TV shows, audiobooks, and also even more. This allows you to quickly acquire a glance at your whole iTunes library for the currently selected "media type", especially considering that the slider in the peak right edge of the window can be offered to make the thumbnails smaller (or bigger, if you have actually few items). By default, this grid view supplies the exact same white background shade as the remainder of the interchallenge (list location of the primary window, on the appropriate hand also side). But, probably to save in line via various other commodities it provides, like Apple TV, iTunes now enables you to switch to an elegant, dark gray background rather.

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Use a dark background for grid view

First, access the Preferences dialog by pushing Ctrl+comma on Windows or Command+comma on Mac OS X (or choosing "Preferences" under the "iTunes" menu on Mac or "Edit" menu on Windows). Once the dialog opens, pick the "General" tab is selected: the second group of settings has a "Grid View" dropdown food selection, through the value "Light" schosen by default. Click on it; then, choose "Dark" and also click the "OK" button to use this new alternative and ptestimonial the change in iTunes.

The screenshot below mirrors you the outcome with Light grid check out (white) and Dark grid check out (a charcoal or anthracite background). Notice that iTunes leaves the duration message in the same font color, but updates the item name in the grid check out from babsence to white (for legibility).

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Note: while background color for grid views is eventually a issue of individual preference, we discover that dark background colors tend to make it easier to concentprice, and in this instance, to easily situate the content you are trying to find in your iTunes library! Well worth a shot, regardmuch less...

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