Change firefox tab color

I constantly use dark personas design template or the default compact dark theme that comes included with Firefox and I don"t like the default background color being white when I open up a new tab.Tright here was an include on I supplied that let me customize brand-new tabs but it"s gone currently with Firefox 57...

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So, how deserve to I execute to readjust new tabs background?



I think this may interemainder others too.

ANSWER UPDATE (as of 2020)

By currently there"s many cool and also interesting addons that execute the project in excellent means, let me point out some of my favorite in a brief list:

That said, if you"re looking for somepoint minimalistic tright here are likewise addons that work right forward and also carry out just the extremely standard function to only change the new tabs background to somepoint dark, for instance Dark New Tabor even Black New Tab ...likewise, if you want, you have the right to still juggle via CSS (see point 3 of original answer below).

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So much I understand a pair of addons to accomplish that and also a way to execute without addons (as it seems the majority of them are disappearing day by day), here we go then:

This is a specific add on for the task, it not only let"s you readjust the background shade yet likewise select a background image and also also redimension and align it as you like... nice!

Stylish is an add on via a more comprehensive spectrum of functionality; it allows you customize Firefox itself as long as manage/install themes and skins for numerous well-known websites such as Google, Facebook, YouTube and many type of others... I think it"s overkill if you only require it for the task we are handling below.

Neither of the over will certainly occupational through Firefox 57 because of included restrictions. Stylus through Firefox 57"s brand-new tab web page shows this message:

As a security precaution, the web browser prohibits extensions fromaffecting its built-in peras (favor chrome://variation, the typical newtab web page as of Chrome 61, about:addons, and also so on) and also otherextensions" pages. Each web browser additionally restricts accessibility to its ownextensions gallery (favor Chrome Internet Store or AMO).

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So, let"s leave addons aside and acquire our hands dirty!

You may decide you don"t want to usage an addon for this, well in this instance here"s what to do:

compose about:profiles in the Firefox resolve bar and pick Open Folder in correspondence of the "Root Directory" of the user profile you want to customize (commonly there"s just one);

by currently the profile"s root folder must have opened up, produce (if it is not present yet) a new folder named chrome;

create (if it is not present already) a new file called userContent.cssinside the chrome folder and also put the following code in it:

-moz-document url("about:newtab") body background-color: #000000 !important; If you deserve to juggle with CSS, you may also add some code to collection a background photo if you choose (I indicate to inevitably put the imperiods in the same folder through the CSS).