Change bootskin

If you want to skin eexceptionally aspect of the Windows interchallenge, the last action is to use an different boot display. As I"ve currently pointed out, this skinning procedure is the riskiest in regards to making your mechanism unsecure. Layout XP, StarSkin, and Stardock"s Theme Manager all carry out the capacity to adjust the default Windows boot screen.

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If you have actually just one computer and also it serves purposes various other than just entertainment, you might want to limit your skinning of Windows to the GUI utilizing skinning software such as StarSkin or WindowBlinds. Don"t mess through the boot display if your computer system is somepoint you can not live without.

StarSkin provides boot display screen files that are executable records (.exe). They are hacked versions of the ntoskrnl.exe file, which is an extremely vital core operating system file. So, to adjust from the Windows XP default boot display screen, you should install a modified or hacked variation of the ntoskrnl.exe file.

Layout XP provides a strategy for transforming the default boot screen that offers a modified variation of the ntoskrnl.exe, named kernel.exe. A modified variation of the Windows boot.ini file is also produced so you have the right to usage different boot displays. Aobtain, this can be risky because you are working through modified versions of essential Windows resource documents. Theme Manager from Stardock offers a various strategy to skinning the boot display screen and also provides an add-on regimen called Bootskin to skin the boot display screen. As with the various other Object Desktop utilities such as WindowBlinds and also LogonStudio, Bootskin uses its own file format and also strategy for skinning the boot screen so it does not mess via the boot.ini file. This renders skinning the boot screen with Bootskin the safest technique.

Using Layout XP to Change the Boot Display

After you assume the hazard of altering the boot display screen, the miscellaneous skinning software program packages make picking a brand-new boot display screen simple. For instance, in Style XP, you click Boot Screens in the Choice list. A message shows up letting you understand that your boot.ini file will be backed up and also that boot display screens have the right to be dangerous. It recommends that you have actually a repair disk handy or have your Windows bootable OS CD obtainable.

Click OK, and then click Yes to back up the boot.ini file. It is backed up as boot.bkk in the C: drive root. A message shows up that a brand-new line must be included to the modified boot.ini file. Click Yes to proceed.

Now you deserve to select an alternate boot screen from the list offered by Format XP. Click one of the boot screens listed in the Boot Screens list (check out Figure 13.17).

Figure 13.17. Select an different boot display screen.

To use the display screen, click Apply Boot Screen. The following time you boot the computer, the different boot screen is used. Here are a couple of various other points you must be conscious of concerned boot display screens and Style XP. First, if tbelow is a trouble through the boot screen, the Windows boot menu shows up and you have the right to usage the arrow tricks and Get in crucial to choose the original Windows boot choice to bypass the modified boot display screen.

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In addition, boot devices are gave by Layout XP below the Boot Screens list. You have the right to recollection the kernel file utilizing the Recollection Kernel file switch. You deserve to likewise recollection the boot.ini file to the original by clicking the Reset boot.ini Data button. Reestablishing these records should solve any kind of difficulties related to boot display screens. However, resetting these papers also neentrances your ability to use alternate boot screens.

Stardock Theme Manager and also Boot Screens

As I currently pointed out, Stardock Theme Manager transforms your boot display screen making use of an add-on regimen called Bootskin. Bootskin skins the boot display screen making use of a bootskin.ini file and also 2 photo files, which we comment on in the area "Creating Boot Screens." So, you aren"t messing with the boot.ini or OS kernel file once making use of Theme Manager. To readjust the boot screen utilizing Theme Manager, click Boot Skins in the Application list. If you do not have actually Bootskin set up, a connect shows up in the top right of the Theme Manager home window informing you to install Bootskin, which is freeware. Click the link and also go through the installation process. After Bootskin is installed, Theme Manager screens a list of the boot displays that are obtainable by default (watch Figure 13.18).

Figure 13.18. Select an different boot display screen from the Theme Manager list.

Select a boot display screen from the list to view a ptestimonial. To switch to that boot skin, click Apply. Then, the next time you boot the device, the alternate boot screen is used.

Downloading Boot Screen Skins

Just like the other GUI elements, StarSkin, Layout XP, and Theme Manager allow you to quickly downfill boot displays from the Web and then apply them to your computer. In the instance of StarSkin and also Style XP, it is essential that you downfill boot screens that are compatible through the variation of Windows you are using. If you have actually updated your Windows XP installation to SP2, you have to downfill those boot displays that have been particularly designed for Windows XP SP2.

For instance, once you download a brand-new boot display screen for StarSkin, a internet page is opened that offers a list of boot screen categories that depend on your OS and the Windows updates you have actually downloaded and also mounted, such as SP1, SP2 (check out Figure 13.19).

Figure 13.19. Make certain you download the correct boot skin for your variation of Windows.

Several boot skins are accessible for StarSkin, Format XP, and Theme Manager. Each of these skinning software application utilities gives a connect that takes you to a certain library of boot screensfor example, StarSkin uses

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Similar to the other skin aspects, you deserve to downpack as many type of boot screens as you want. In situations wright here you can"t uncover an appropriate boot display screen for your as a whole Windows skin, you have the right to create your very own boot screen. We discuss just how you develop a boot skin for Stardock Theme Manager and also Bootskin in the next area.