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I simply upgraded from an iPhone 3G to an iphone 4S. I additionally upgraded to a diffrent setup. I succesfully had actually every little thing moved to the brand-new sim card, yet currently, once i go to Setups -> Phone -> My Number = Unknown. If I go right into Settings -> Messeras I have actually no choice to sfinish or receive from my phone number, just my email. I have turned iPost on and also off, and also it spends forever before trying activate it, ultimately saying it is uneffective. I likewise did a full reset - imessage at leastern was activated, but my number still showed up as unwell-known, and when I turned imessage on and also off, it no much longer is able to activate it. I have the right to but send imessages still - however they are from my email address. Anyone have any concepts ?? Is this is a carrier or Apple problem? Thank you for your help.

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I have actually the same trouble on an Android phone. From doing some study on the internet, I have discovered that it"s a SIM card issue.On some older phone models (e.g., the T50 and also some Nokias) you can create your phone number to the SIM - not as a continuous phone book enattempt, yet as a distinct "my number" form thing, normally discovered in the phone book settings or phone settings. Most modern-day Android (and also presumably some iPhones) phones have actually completely overlooked this standard function, and have actually no method of enabling you to create your very own number on the SIM (aget - I"m not saying as a phone book entry, but as a distinct entry simply for this purpose).Most jiyuushikan.org SIM cards perform not come with the phone number programmed on the SIM - even though the packaging of brand-new products will have actually a sticker stating the SIM serial Number and also company (phone) number.Solution:1) Remove SIM2) Insert into old handcollection that permits you to write your very own number in the phone or contacts settings3) Write your number to the SIM via the special "my number" choice found in the settings or contacts (again - this is not the very same as just making a phone book entry for yourself conserved to the SIM )4) Rearea the SIM into your brand-new handset.5) Voila! You must now check out your number displayed rather of "unknown".Yes, it"s a pain in the neck.Yes, it"s a major oversight by the handcollection manufacturers.But unmuch less jiyuushikan.org starts offering SIM"s with the service (phone) number pre created to the SIM, or the manufacturers solve the oversight, it"s the just solution I"m mindful of...