Anjie Cho is a certified feng shui consultant, professional architect, and author through over two decades of suffer creating spaces. She co-founded the Mindful Design Feng Shui School and composed "Holistic Spaces: 108 Ways to Create a Mindful and also Peaceful Home."
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If you’d like to use the elephant as a feng shui symbol in your residence, check out listed below for applications for each location of the feng shui bagua map.

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Zhen: Family, New Beginnings

Bring in some mighty elephant imagery in the Zhen location of the home to safeguard your household. Elephants deserve to also carry in the power to kick off brand-new beginnings.

Xun: Wealth

The riches location of the feng shui bagua map is also regarded imperial abundance. Elephants in this area may assist you get even more abundance and also prizes in your life.

Tai Qi (Center): Well-Being

The stcapability of the elephant symbology deserve to ground your house, supplying all at once wellness for all the residents.

Qian: Helpful People

Elephants are linked via the trigram Qian, and the location of the bagua dubbed Helpful People. This Qian energy invites assistance and blessings from the heavens to carry advantage to your house and also family.

Dui: Completion, Children

Create more defense and wisdom for the kids in your home by sustaining this bagua area via elephant imagery.

Gen: Self-Knowledge

The wise elephant is a wonderful symbol to activate the Gen area, concerned your self-cultivation and also expertise. 

Li: Fame, Reputation

The powerful elephant deserve to aid you push via obstacles pertained to your visibility, passion, and also incentive. Activate the Li location with the toughness of the elephant.

Kan: Career

This location of the feng shui bagua map relates to wisdom and also your path in life. Use the symbol of the elephant to reexisting your aspiration to develop deep wisdom and also power in your career.

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Kun : Love, Partnerships

A pair of elephants in the love corner of your home can be offered to bring more strength and endurance to your primary partnership.