Cannot right click in excel

Right click is not functioning for me in excel 2013. I am unable to add or delete sheets plus the formatting food selection. Please help


The listed below connect shows two techniques for addressing this.

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Fix Right Click Issue

1)Go to the VBE (Alt/F11), press Ctrl/G, enter this:commandbars("Cell").Reset

2)Go to regedit and also delete HKEY_CURRENT_USERSoftwareMicrosoftOffice|12.0ExcelOptions


I realize this is an old article....however in case anyone has this issue and also has actually Essbase installed....

I went to the choices food selection in Essbase, clicked on the Global tab, and also selected "Limit to Connected Sheets" n the "Mousage Actions" alternatives. That appeared to work for me.

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All - I"ve been struggling via this in Excel 2010 ever before because I ran some old VBA from a 2003 Excel file. In that file, the code was composed such that all right-clicking was disabled but never turned back on before exiting the file!

I"ve composed a bit of VBA that need to fix all command also bar concerns. I"d appreciate any feedback on this - it functioned well for me and also I"ve only tested it on my device with Excel 2010 (that"s my disclaimer).

Dim i As IntegerFor i = 1 To Application.CommandBars.Count On Error Resume Next off With Application.CommandBars(i) .Reset .Enabled = True End WithNext i


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