Cannot lock the drive the volume is still in use

I"m trying to format my external tough drive to FAT32 utilizing the command also line, and every time I attempt, it ends up telling me "Cannot lock the drive. The volume is still in usage."

I"m going to guess and also say that it"s informing me somepoint on my computer is utilizing the difficult drive, yet I"m absolutely certain that nopoint is.

How can I get past this so I deserve to format my HD?
We have the right to try this approach to discommunicate the program that is preventing the Formatting of the Ext HDD.

You deserve to Safely EJECT a USB stick by a method that I have actually discovered.(Works on Win7, not always on Vista+ do attempt on XP.)

1)Open Task Manager(Ctrl+Sft+Esc)

2)In Processes, cshed Explorer (1 or 2 instances will certainly be there)

3)Go to FILE/New TASK run, kind : traveler, & traveler opens aobtain.

4) Safely eject, & Voila!

(You can go to `#4` & skip #3 if the dialogue box is stil open up, I`ve forgained if it does stay open)

After this, I`m sure the Style wont be stopped.

(PS: In the 1st area, it should be checked that NO BACK UP OPERATIONS ARE GOING ON TO THE eXT HDD, coz that is the first point that could be staying clear of the Formatting.)


Cheers & regards,

With home windows xp tbelow is an much better method to format the drive in question to FAT32. Check to check out if you have any type of other programs open. Cshed down command line likewise.

1) Right click the job bar and open task manager. Check to watch what programs are running in the background that would accessibility the harddrive.

2) Check to check out if you have indexing service energetic in your services tab. One of the updays that went out for xp wregarding add indexing services for quicker looking before the finish of life occurred.

3) Now open home windows traveler and also verify the drive letter that the outside drive has actually been assigned. This is to be sure that you execute not format the wrong drive.

4) Right click the drive then pick format.

5) A brand-new home window will certainly open up via all the accessible selections for you to pick the format type, allocation size, name the drive, and also few others.


Possible reasons for not the drive being active:

1) Auto run programs on the drive from the manufacturer

2) Auto run programs on the drive from previous usage either on function or accident from an infected pc.

3) USB corrupt driver records can be bring about the issue.

4) Indexing service is proactively establishing up the drive to be scanned less complicated.

5) Back-up service is trying to set the drive for backing up your pc.

6) Windows traveler might be open up in the background asking you what you would certainly favor to carry out via the drive.

Here are some links to assist through some of the concerns of not able to eject a drive.






Just copy the link then paste right into your internet browser attend to line to watch. #3 is a pdf from western digital.

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Just one quick question, are you utilizing the c line from your interior tough drive to use the action to the external drive? If you are utilizing the c line from the external drive to use the action to itself?

-food for believed.
It might be some regimen still making use of your exterior difficult drive wright here it refer to somewbelow inside your drive.

Make certain to cshed all open up routine. Open Task Manager or similar and also look for unrecognized routine. Then terminate it. After that try format the drive.

If it does not occupational try rebegin your computer. When begin up is complete, attempt to format it aget.

You can use Windows Explorer (best click the difficult drive) or Windows Disk Management Utility (under Performance and also Maintenance inside Control Panel) to format the difficult drive. 
We require even more details. What command also are you inputting in to format the drive?



Make certain tbelow isn"t any kind of scan"s running, AV or chkdsk.

If you can not remove it, something is holding on to the drive.

Do a restart/shutdvery own and unplug your drive/gadget as soon as your machine is off.

Then! You attempt aacquire.
Bruce Epper
Well, given that you are using the command line, is your existing magazine on the drive you are attempting to format? If so, you have found the culprit! Tbelow are likewise AV packeras that will certainly store a take care of open up to eincredibly drive on the device. Temporarily disabling your on-demand also AV have the right to periodically settle this problem. Just remember to revolve it ago on as soon as the format has actually completed.

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Ryan Dube
Jessi, I"ve watched this occur via my USB stick any time I have Windows Explorer open up and also have actually been making use of it to access files on the memory card. It was surpincreasing because I wasn"t looking the card at the moment, yet for some factor explorer had it locked. This may not be the situation for you, however thought I"d mention it.
sometime home windows perform not safely eject outside difficult drives, so home windows thinks the difficult drive is still connected given that last time or work-related is going on, so it is in usage.


try Easus partition understand
EaseUS Partition Manager will assist, yet is not important.

XP desires to run System Restore and also Recycle Bin on any kind of hard drive, and share it. To proccasion this, begin Windows without the drive associated.

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Hello, attempt making use of the safely eject drive alternative in taskbar. If it tells you it is busy, let it be and also attempt a few minutes later till it tells you that that drive is safely ejected. Unplug drive and also then plug it earlier aobtain. After doing this, attempt formatting your drive. You could additionally attempt using My computer system to eject the drive.

-- click on start

-- click my computer system

-- click on external drive

-- appropriate click and choose eject

-- unplug drive

What commands have actually you provided in command prompt? Are you making use of format or transform command?

This is usually caused by a regime or virus constantly trying to accessibility your outside drive. You have the right to try booting in safe mode and see if you can format the drive there.

added info: How to boot in safe mode

Restart your computer system. Press F8 continuously after the POST and also prior to Windows XP tons. Select Start in Safe Setting.
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