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This post applies to both scenarios bereason we are going to speak around turning your detriggered phone or an old phone right into a Wi-Fi device. Many kind of times, civilization concern that if their SIM card is blocked or if there’s no SIM card at all, the phone may not work. That’s thanktotally not the case. Wi-Fi and cellular netjob-related almost run individually of each various other. So, you have the right to actually usage your old Android phone without a SIM card. Today, we will certainly talk around the process of permitting this.

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Can you use Wi-Fi on a Detriggered Phone?

While it is quite clear that you have the right to usage Wi-Fi on an old Android phone, the confusion arises in the case of deactivated phones. Will they still feature, or will they shed all their abilities? We have actually good news!

Deset off phones or blocked SIM cards do not hamper the functioning of Wi-Fi. So, even if your phone is decaused, it will work-related affix to the Net and let you usage all the apps you love.

How to usage Deset off Phones as Wi-Fi just Phones?


This process is extremely simple! 

Switch the phone on. Keeping the decaused SIM in the phone is advisable even though it is not mandatory. Open Settings and go to Wireless & Networks. You deserve to also access this from the shortcuts. Enable Wi-Fi.Find the netoccupational you are searching for.Get in the password.Connect!

The just stipulation here is that Wi-Fi will not help you get cellular calls or text messeras. You have the right to use it to make calls via Skype, Google Hangouts, Facebook Messenger, and so on Of course, you have the right to still use all your social media apps, also.

How to Turn an Old Phone into an Android Wi-Fi just Device?


Using your old phone as a Wi-Fi just tool will aid you save area on your new phone. You can dedicate the old one to downfill videos, information, and so on while the brand-new one serves the rest of the demands. Here’s how you can permit this:

Switch your old phone on.Turn the Airplane mode on to discourage the phone from searching for any type of cellular netjob-related or using your network-related in case you have a SIM card.Enable the Wi-Fi mode from Wiremuch less & Networks in Setups or shortcuts.That’s it! Your phone is now a Wi-Fi just phone!

A few customers use third party app launchers to enhance their user experience further. We perform not endorse any such apps. If you pick to downpack any type of launcher, make sure you employ due diligence. 

Bonus: Did you understand that you can usage your old or deset off phone as a clock, radio, or newspaper! How cool is that?

The procedure of utilizing Wi-Fi on a deactivated phone is rather straightforward and can be set-up in a couple of minutes. We hope this short article helped you and provided you the answers you were trying to find.

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If you have any queries or understand of extra techniques of enabling this, please let us know through comments.