I've been reasoning of combining a hobby that I perform (pyrography) and also a hobby that I want to get right into. Has anyone had experience through using a wood burning pen to etch deindicators onto their leather covers? Any tips?


I've done a very small amount of this so my advice is limited... I do a lot even more burning than binding.

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Leather pyrography stinks... it may simply be me but the smoke smells much to cshed to Baghdad after a firefight for my comfort..

Subtle shading is a lot even more difficult to acquire (and even harder to keep)

If your not mindful deep burns develop stress and anxiety riser areas that are more at risk to cracking.

If you usage any kind of kind of leather conditioner it often tends to hide much of the detail.

All of this work-related was done on 8-9 oz leather, book leather would certainly of course be much thinner and also many likely exacerbate the over problems.

My opinion is that of course it have the right to be done, BUT I'm not certain it would be a great long term pic.

Leather pyrography stinks

It smells favor burning hair because they're chemically equivalent. What I'm saying is that they both smell horrible.

Never before done it myself, however I did look right into it at one time. You need to be mindful which type of leather you do this via. Veg-tanned leather is ok, however execute not do this via chrome-tanned as the burning releases toxic fumes. And of course the majority of of the softer, nicer leathers are chrome-tanned.

Yeah! I carry out this all the moment. Be conscious that all hides burn in different ways. Placed on the thinswarm, tightest guideline you have actually and do some trying out on a corner. Move conveniently and also evenly across the surchallenge, don't linger or press down as well tough or you might burn all the method with. Some hides are extremely tough to burn on and you can't make a constant, smooth line because the reminder sinks in or stutters as a result of the complete. Don't bvarious other through those. Other hides allow the burning tool to glide throughout and also leave beautiful, even marks like illustration on paper with a pencil. Good luck!

Are you trying to burn the leather, favor belt and holster makers do as soon as the burn in deindications, or are you trying to produce an embossed architecture without burning the leather?

If it is the later on, the temperature of the heated tool is critical. I embossed through a brass stylus tool I made. First pass is done exceptionally lightly at around 150 F to lay dvery own the photo outline. Second pass at 160-170 F to deepen the detail. Dampen the leather, and make a 3rd pass at 160-170 F again to set the detail. if you go as well warm you will certainly burn the leather or disshade it. You might want the discoloring for visual effect, in which instance wet the leather a little more for the third pass and also boost the warmth to a max of 200F.

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I think a hardwood burning pen would be way to hot for embossing leather without burning it.


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