Are the contents of a loot box identified at the moment it is awarded or when it is opened?

For example, if you collect multiple loot boxes prior to a distinct occasion however opened them during the special event, would they have the potential of spawning rewards from that event?



From the Overwatch Wiki

Loot Box"s contents are created once players earn or buy them, not when Loot Box is opened<1>. For instance, any type of Loot Box gained prior to installing July 19, 2016 patch will not contain any of Ana"s items.

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You might have to log in to check out the link in the quote. Furthermore, the Wiki additionally claims that:

Loot Box items are decided once they are obtained, interpretation that you cannot save Loot Boxes until brand-new items (highlight intros, skins, etc.) come out, as you will only obtain what was easily accessible at the moment.

To summarize, the loot is established as soon as package is earned/purchased. This is most likely to discourage hording loot boxes until a one-of-a-kind occasion or brand-new items come out and then opening all your loot boxes in wishes of getting a distinct occasion item/brand-new item.

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