You already recognize that on-demand ridesharing solutions, prefer Uber and also Lyft, have transformed just how human being gain about in cities. Instead of calling a cab company, waiting fifty percent an hour for the vehicle to arrive, and paying high prices, you have the right to hail a ride, jump right into the nearest accessible automobile and also pay less.

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But tbelow are still a few things Uber and Lyft can’t perform. Prefer a particular driver? There’s no method to repursuit they pick you up. Have a little kid with you? Uber and also Lyft car-seat organization is easily accessible only in New York City (as of August 2017). And if you have a discapability that requires unique accommodations, using a ridesharing company have the right to be hard.

A company dubbed Uzurv promises to make Uber and Lyft much better by providing passengers even more power. But how does it work? And what else is transforming in the civilization of ride-sharing?

How to make a Lyft or Uber reservation in advance

Uber currently permits riders to schedule a ride approximately 30 days in breakthrough. Set your pickup date and time, your pickup area and destination, and you’ll obtain a fare estimate. Uber will sfinish you a reminder ahead of time, and also you deserve to cancel, without paying a fee, as much as five minutes after your ride’s on the means. Uber does not guarantee the ride, however; if no driver’s in your area, it will certainly educate you.

You deserve to likewise pre-book a Lyft ride, however tbelow are a couple of more limitations. You have the right to just schedule a ride up to seven days in development, and also if you cancel within 30 minutes of the driver’s arrival, you’ll pay a $10 cancellation fee.

Neither Lyft nor Uber permits riders to request particular chauffeurs or vehicles, yet. That’s where Uzurv comes in.

How Uzurv works

Uzurv is a stand-alone reservation app for Lyft and also Uber that lets users browse driver profiles — which encompass photos and also vehicle details — and also schedule a ride with a certain driver. If you’ve used Uzurv prior to, you have the right to choose favorite chauffeurs.

Uzurv also offers riders the ability to request particular services or amenities.

Want a large trunk for all your luggage or groceries? Done.How around a car seat in your Uber? Done.Looking for a bilingual driver? Done.Need a pet-friendly driver who’s willing to drive you and also your Great Dane to the vet? Done.

You can additionally use the app to chat through your driver ahead of time around any handicap you have actually, and add an impetus — basically a tip in development — to reward chauffeurs for accepting an early-morning, late-night or remote pickup.

It costs $0.99 to make a Lyft or Uber reservation on Uzurv, which is supposed to rise to $2.95 after the initial launch period. There’s additionally a strict cancellation policy. If a rider cancels less than 2 hrs prior to the scheduled pickup time, the rider will be charged Uzurv’s service fee price that was set at the moment the reservation was made, and also a $5 fee. Drivers will certainly be charged the company fee as soon as they cancel, plus a $5 fee if it’s less than seven hours prior to the reserved pickup.

What else is new for rideshare passengers?

Lyft and Uber are constantly tweaking their services to make chauffeurs and also passengers happier. In 2017, Uber provided riders the capability to tip vehicle drivers with the application. (Lyft already allows tipping.) Uber is likewise reducing the fee-complimentary cancellation home window to 2 minutes after making a request, and charging riders if they keep chauffeurs waiting. Lyft introduced a feature that suggests riders relocate to the nearest convenient pickup place, so motorists don’t have to navigate one-way roads or tricky website traffic.

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