Pens and also pencils were a vital packing item for your institution bag, but should they be packed in your luggage when you fly?

Well largely they are fine, however tright here is one form of writing implement that is banned on airplanes.

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To construct suspense I’m going to expose the banned item in a moment.

Let’s acquire started.

TSA Pens & Pencils Rules

The Transportation Security Administration agents are the folks that display your baggage at the airport defense checkallude. They also research checked bags behind the scenes to make sure nopoint dangerous is permitted on to planes.

The TSA doesn’t specifically point out pencils on their webwebsite, yet they have answered the question on Twitter many kind of times.

Marie asked if she could carry colored pencils in her carry-on luggage and the TSA evidenced that she might load pencils in hand luggage.


Pencils are of course allowed to be packed in checked luggage also.

Pencil sharpeners are allowed on planes in both carry-on luggage and also checked luggage. The blade is reputed to be too small to pose a severe danger.


When it comes to pens things get a tiny more confusing.

You deserve to carry a normal pen in carry-on bags and also checked bags though I would certainly advise against packing an expensive pen in checked luggage bereason sometimes items deserve to be stolen from checked luggage.


But if your pen is taken into consideration to be a tactical pen then you could not be able to lug it in hand also luggage.


Tactical pens are designed to be both sharp and sturdy so you can stab people with them. TSA agents routinely confiscate these types of pens from passengers at the protection checksuggest.


How To Check With The TSA About Pens & Pencils

You have the right to usage the
AskTSA organization on Twitter to ask the TSA around any pen or pencil you are uncertain about.

Just upload a photo and also they’ll get back to you.

Crystal asked about bringing a mechanical pencil on her trip.


The TSA responded that mechanical pencils are allowed in carry-on bags without borders.

Dylan asked around bringing sharpie markers and also was offered the green light.


Tara wanted to lug crayons to distract a toddler throughout a trip and also checked that they were apconfirmed.


Amy acquired the goahead for chalk markers.


This passenger checked about bringing a fountain pen on a aircraft.


And the TSA replied that “fountain pens are enabled in carry-on bags”.

Caligraphy pens and caligraphy pen tips are allowed in carry-on luggage as well.


Casey checked about art supplies favor pain brushes and illustration pencils.


The Final Word

The great news is you can bring pencils and also pens in planes in hand also luggage or hold luggage.

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The just kind of pen you are not permitted to lug is a tactical pen. This is a pen that is designed to be supplied as a weapon so you will not be allowed to lug a tactical pen previous airport security.