Can i delete dmg files after installation

Can I delete a pkg dmg zip file after I install its content? I expect if this is a little application have the right to I delete the installation file without breaking the mounted application?



To answer your question(s), mostly speaking, yes, you can delete the container file whether it be a .pkg, .dmg or .zip file. This of course assumes that all content of the container file has actually been mounted. In various other words, some .dmg papers might contain extras in a separate folder within that are not mounted once you drag and drop the app right into Applications.

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So usage prevalent feeling as soon as making the decision to delete the container. Obviously if the container consists of a solitary file and also you install it, then tbelow is no need to retain it if you don"t mind downloading and install aacquire if for some factor it"s needed aobtain.

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The answer is yes. You deserve to delete the .pkg/.dmg/.zip file after installing the app. It will certainly not influence the app as both documents are different. These packperiods are simply containers.

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Take care that some installers (.pkg files) may likewise contain a menu/button for properly uninstalling the app. Browse the app"s doc to watch if this is stated. If so, it is a great principle to save the .pkg file somewright here (external drive, ..)


Yes, it"s no longer forced to run the application so it"s safe to delete. Personally I choose to archive a copy initially, in instance I ever desire to re-install an app or variation of an app that"s no longer obtainable. So at this allude I have a netoccupational drive via hundreds of DMG and also PKG files on it...

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