If you’ve traveled through some of the world’s busiest airports, you’ve likely seen it— DFS Group, the deluxe take a trip retailer boasting modern-day, sleek storefronts via polished marble entrymethods, floor-to-ceiling glass home windows and sharply dressed saleshuman being beckoning travelers inside. But what you may not understand around DFS can surpclimb you.

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Open to All: Public Shopping in DFS

You don’t need to hold an international boarding pass to shop at DFS—residential travelers have the right to shop tax-totally free on many items in these stores. In the USA, DFS is situated in San Francisco International Airport, Los Angeles Internationwide Airport, John F. Kennedy International Airport, Honolulu Internationwide Airport and also Kahului Airport on Maui. The stores sell a curated selection of high-end commodities consisting of fashion, watches, jewelry, accessories, beauty, fragrances, spirits, wine, tobacco, food and also presents.

Domestic travelers have the right to shop luxury beauty lines, select fashion brands and also confectioneries while international travelers have the right to shop all lines and commodities.


Exclusive Products From Internationwide Brands

DFS uses exclusive, deluxe commodities not discovered anywhere else, and brands regularly release commodities to DFS initially prior to they launch in industry. For instance, Hermes released a watch band also exclusive to DFS shoppers just, Christian Dior launched a perfume bar at LAX, and Martell released its Cordon Blue Extra Cognac to DFS a year prior to it was accessible to the public. Sheight right into a DFS keep and also inspect out their spring arsenal of 70 exclusive commodities by brands including Bottega Veneta, Burberry, Estée Lauder and Longines, among others.


Complimentary Services

From hand also massages to makeovers to wine and also spirits tastings to cocoa samples, DFS uses unsupposed, free benefits and bonoffers to its shoppers. There’s no much better way to relax prior to a trip than a mini massage, and also no much better means to revitalize from a day of take a trip than a makeover by a expert makeup artist. Sample a brand-new cabernet or whisessential prior to you buy a bottle, or taste a sweet before you purchase a gift—DFS always supplies complimentary beauty solutions and regularly disperses free tastings. 


Entertaining Experiences in DFS

DFS provides interenergetic and also playful marketing projects in their stores that immerse shoppers in topical themes and also events. For example, the stores have released projects for Chinese New Year, Carnival and for take a trip and also gifting—supplying promovements, photo opportunities and festive celebrations.

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“This isn’t just shopping, this is retail entertainment—we’re bringing the retail atmosphere to life,” said Mark Sullivan, managing director, The United States and Canada DFS Group. “Our goal is to surpclimb and also delight through experiential offerings.”


Unparalleled Customer Service

DFS staff is very knowledgeable around all high-end brands and also assets the stores lug. Employees sell product specialization and cultural intelligence—and also all are bilingual; DFS staff speaks over 25 languages.

Professional, innovative, well-increated salespeople offer a curated, high-end shopping suffer. DFS additionally offers the deluxe rewards program "LOYAL T." The membership uses exclusive access to products and also pick services, private occasions and also specialized experiences. Join the regimen by making a purchase.