Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare"s multiplayer allows you play as a room soldier who deserve to turn right into a sort-of killer robot dog.

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Real talk.

Fully embracing the shark-jumping madness that has actually engulfed the Call of Duty brand also given that it shifted right into a scientific research fiction shooting game, the team at Infinity Ward has actually added Combat Rigs to the game - 6 customisable combat suits through loadouts kitted via special tools, paytons and also perks.

One of those Rigs is "Synaptic", a robotic operative that contains the payfill "Reaper" as a unique perk. Fill your meter through kills and objectives, hit the shoulder buttons and also the player gets down on all fours for a speed boost and also prompt melee assaults. Mate, you just turned into a robot dog.

I"ve played the thing. It"s really intimidating seeing that dude sprinting across the floor at you. He doesn"t desire his tummy rubbing, understand what I mean?

The various other Combat Rigs have suitable 80s activity figure names too; Phantom, Stryker, Merc, FTL and also Warfighter (Warfighter!). You"re not restricted to a preset loadout though, you can mix and match pieces between Rigs on the fly during a enhance. My hour hand-operated time wasn"t practically sufficient to cycle via all the brand-new options included to multiplayer, however you can view there"s already months" worth of options hitting once the game drops on day one.


Infinite Warfare likewise has actually weapon crafting via parts that deserve to be bought with the brand-new in-game currency, Salvage, enabling players to construct thousands of weapon variations. It wasn"t something we might sample in our brief play time, however what was on hand also provided us plenty to acquire our teeth right into.

While Infinity Ward desires the tools to feel prefer the real thing, the science fiction angle of the brand-new Cevery one of Duty overshadows that reasoning. Wright here else are you going to discover a Black Hole Projector sucking players out of cover and flinging them across the room? Or a payfill unique that vaporises an opponent right into dust through one shot? AK 47s do not feel the very same after that.

The maps and also activity in Infinite Warfare proceed to develop on the fluid gameplay from Sledgehammer"s State-of-the-art War and last years Babsence Ops 3. Double jumping, wall runs and sliding have actually players bouncing approximately the maps. Movement is vital, and I felt that also as an average Cevery one of Duty player, so lengthy as I preserved on my toes I might gain semi-decent kill streaks regardless of a carefully tuned loadout. It helps to have actually a gun that deserve to unexpectedly shoot in two various directions at once, yet you"ll still obtain the task done with a typical SMG if you"ve acquired quick reactions, a little bit of luck and also the balls to take the fight to the opponent. These are fast-to-combat environments that have actually you ago in the fight within secs, also after someone referred to as a nuclear strike dvery own on your ass.

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As well as earning Salvage during matches there"s the new Mission Teams development system that jobs you via hitting extra objectives. Complete these and you"ll unlock exclusive contact signs, camo and tools that deserve to only be unlocked this means. For the dedicated, there"s going to be a lot to earn and you"ll gain the kudos that goes along with it.

Those are the headline changes to Call of Duty: Infinite War"s multiplayer, a game that feels as acquainted as a yearly on update have to be. There"s enough fresh weapons, upgrades to tinker via, and tight map style for it to feel choose a fresh game that I want to jump earlier right into. As much as I balked at COD In Gap, Infinite Warfare"s multiplayer is as slick and fun as its always been.