Tour Verdansk by land and also air and also on foot: The section breaks dvery own all the obtainable modes of transport in the mode, including the staminas and weaknesses of eexceptionally car.

Tright here are even more ways to travel roughly the substantial open up people of Warzone than simply a parachute and your own 2 feet. Throughout Verdansk, you may come across vehicles that will help you travel quicker by land also or by air.

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Right now, tright here are five vehicles to help you navigate Verdansk; here’s what they are and also just how they factor into the Warzone formula:

ATV (All Terrain Vehicle)


The ATV is the smallest and nimblest of the ground vehicles, providing great speed on all terrains at the expense of having actually any type of realistic defense from bullets or explosives.

Only 2 Operators have the right to be seated on the ATV at the same time – one driver and one in the earlier – making it ideal for players who are either alone or only have actually one teammate left alive. The passenger is seated at the rear of the car, permitting them to take shots at anyone behind the ATV or to the left and also ideal. Need to make room for a third squadmate? You deserve to physically climb and stand on the front or rear of the vehicle, though you are a little easier to hit compared to your seated squadmates.

ATVs may not be the bulkiest of all vehicles nor the many spacious, however their speed and also size can permit you to obtain across Verdansk conveniently on the ground and also through some tight spaces. A great enough driver can quickly navigate via also the thickest of woodlands and tightest of entryways, so lengthy as these gateways aren’t traditional single perboy doors. ATVs have the right to additionally rate up and also over ramps, off rock outcrops, and also fly across gaps that heavier vehicles could not reach.

So, if you wind up landing alongside an ATV and also your squad is on the other side of Verdansk, don’t hesitate to drive it and capture some sick air on your means over to them.

Tactical Rover


The Tactical Rover is like the ATV’s bigger cousin; still fairly nimble and also doing not have any type of legitimate security, yet via room for the whole squad.

The 3 passengers in a Tactical Rover can sit either shotgun – alongside the driver, that is – or in the backseat. Those in the backseat will have actually an easier time hitting targets behind them, while the one riding shotgun will many most likely take out threats in front of the rover.

In terms of rate, the rover is a hair much faster than the ATV due to an extra powerful engine, but has actually slightly worse managing as a result of its bigger size. Still, its fairly compact dimension also makes it fit into tighter alleyways, although motorists might find even more obstacle cutting via forests via this bigger automobile.

For both the Tactical Rover and also ATV, their open concept architecture makes its driver and also passengers even more at risk to foe fire. When driving either car via a firefight, be ready to make evasive maneuvers, zigging and also zagging to avoid gunfire and watching out for sniper glints or flying rockets.

SUV (Sports Utility Vehicle)


Need to fit the totality squad right into a Tactical Rover yet desire a little even more protection? Look no further than the SUV; a bulkier four-wheeled automobile with a slightly slower speed and also broader turning circle compared to the Tactical Rover.

The SUV will certainly cover the reduced half of any kind of Operator that sits inside of it. Of course, given that it has actually windows and also a windshield, bulallows have the right to still pierce with it and also hit anyone inside, but at least it isn’t entirely open choose the Tactical Rover.

It have the right to additionally take a few more hits than both previous vehicles, given that tright here is a lot even more steel that need to be ruined prior to it turns to scrap steel. This suggests that, in a pinch, it can be mobile cover, acting as a temporary defensive wall to hide behind if a firefight breaks out mid-road pilgrimage.

With this improvement in defense comes some drawbacks: it have the right to hit reasonably modeprice speeds but isn’t as nimble as the ATV or Tactical Rover. Plus, an SUV will certainly stick out a little bit even more as you drive it via Verdansk, as tbelow isn’t any type of camouflage or body kits to make it have a lower profile.

However, if you stick to Verdansk’s major roads, then the SUV is a solid choice for acquiring roughly the map.

Cargo Truck


The last of the ground vehicles is the Cargo Truck. It’s the biggest of the bunch, making it the slowest and also least nimble out of all other vehicle alternatives.

Anything that it lacks for rate it renders up when it comes for defense and also area. This beast deserve to take the many hits out of any type of of the 4 ground vehicles easily accessible at launch, and despite it just having a passenger or driver seat, it have the right to fit plenty of goods in the ago.

This might encompass your third trio member… Or an ATV, Tactical Rover, or also an SUV! Yes, driving vehicles off greater ground and also landing them in the back of the Cargo Truck will certainly store them there, making it an excellent carry auto for certain vehicles that your team may need in the long run.

The lengthy truck bed does serve an additional purpose; feasible cover in the time of firefights. Because of the Cargo Truck’s mass, a team have the right to hide inside the truck bed or next to it, offering you at least partial cover against adversary pressures.

Again, this is not the automobile to usage as soon as trying to obtain throughout Verdansk quickly, however when it concerns delivering tons of loot or being protected, you can’t go wrong via a Cargo Truck.



The Helicopter is the lone aerial car out of the 5 available to control. Capable of soaring with the skies via sufficient room for the whole squad, the Helicopter is by far the fastest means to obtain throughout Verdansk.

While the pilot takes the flight stick, other squad-members deserve to sit on the landing rails on either side and fire their weapons or use devices. Although it may be difficult to hit targets from these landing rails, the Helicopter have the right to still technically give you the highest possible ground on the map, as it have the right to be flvery own over even the tallest of high-rises.

Being the fastest and also most reliable method of take a trip does come via some drawbacks: the Helicopter, like any type of other auto, have the right to be locked-on to, and provided its high profile, it is very simple to spot in the sky. Luckily, the Helicopter has actually a built-in alert device for when missiles lock onto it, providing you and also the squad enough time to bail out and parachute to security.

When finding a Helicopter you can pass it up for an extra discrete strategy to your following location or take it for a spin and also obtain significant traction throughout the map.

General Vehicle Tips

Regardless of their distinctions, all vehicles share roughly the very same purpose: to get you and your squad across the map as quickly as feasible.

Loud and also Proud: No matter what auto you grab, these are louder settings of transport compared to running roughly the map and also aren’t as discreet as parachuting right into a area. In various other words, using a automobile may not assist your stealthy technique to a case.

Vehicular Health: Vehicles additionally are susceptible to exploding, if they take enough damages from bulallows or explosive devices, their engine can release a deadly blast that takes dvery own anyone in the car or a few feet beside it. All vehicles have a health and wellness meter, which is displayed slightly above the bottom of your display, and also it flashes red whenever before your car is at low health and wellness.

When to Bail: Normally, smaller vehicles such as ATVs and also Tactical Rovers can take much less damage compared to a Cargo Truck or Helicopter, but in any kind of case, it’s best to abandon ship when that health and wellness meter starts flashing.

Seat-Swapping: An even more advanced strategy via vehicles entails swapping seats. While driving, you are not allowed to fire weapons, throw devices, or activate items. Those that have the right to quickly swap to a passenger seat will certainly make the auto shore for a couple of seconds, enabling you to heal making use of a Stim, throw on an Armor Plate, or possibly pick up a kill.

Drive and Thrive: Finally, if you are the designated driver for a vehicle… You may want to make sure your entire squad is inside of it, or has an alternative mode of transport, before driving or flying off. That way, no Operator is left behind in your road expedition to victory.

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Trophy Time: One tactic to try, to prevent enemies from ruining you or your auto, is to pick the Trophy System Field Upgrade and area it in your car. This needs ability and also you just have one opportunity to drop it appropriately, but if the Trophy System locks right into a vehicle chassis, the car becomes temporarily immune to enemy projectile attacks; which is excellent when you’re driving or hiding behind it.