A viral comedy video by Deshawn Raw in which rapper (or not-rapper) Supa Hot Fire goes up versus challenger B-Bone. Fire verses ensue.

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You recognize wbelow we at, it's primetime rappin', so lets go head and obtain into itGot our challenger over hereYep, yep, T-Bone 225 'round my neck225 is that area code or somethin'? Put that on map questT-Steak, uhLet's go head and get it to our main man, the champion himself, no need for introduction: SUPA HOT FIRE!First of all I'm not a rapperSo let's go a head gain into this bit coin toss here, excellent luckAyy, you know what I perform, heads, you understand how I goYup, tailsAyy, ayy, ayy, huh, I go firstAyy, ayy, silent, silent, I wanna tell 'em, tell 'emWhen it comes to Supa Hot he goes firstWhat is this?Look, look, check me outI broke up with my ex girlHere's her numberSike, that's the wrong number!Sweet dolla tea from McDonalds, I drink thatSuper Hot Fire, I spit thatTwo and a Half Men, I watched that (I'm not a rapper)

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Hold it down, hold it downI'm not a rapperAight, check me outGlasses, jacket, shirtCall me Glasses-Jacket Shirt-ManOr call me Supa Hot Boy, hundred degrees, leather jacket'Causage I'm Supa Hot, boy! (I'm not a rapper)Is this what they put me up against, Supa Hot, I never before heard of youI'm lookin at him, prefer is he stupid, I'm 'bout to murder youMy crew ain't waiters, but still servin' youI'm choose Shaq, I gain fouled and then he's back to drop 32 (shots!)Your girl constantly confusage my john through a spoon, popsYeah she's tall sufficient, so she can ride, KnottsI acquired the 2, but for you I save the merchandise at the shopsThey told me I had to fight, I was choose this is that they collection upI'm favor naw it can't be, this should be a setupFirst of all, I'm not your frifinish, so speak lookin' at meSecond of all, I'm not a rapper, so speak rappin' at meAlappropriate, alappropriate, inspect me out, examine me outI'm 'bout to end this man's whole career (damn) (what career?)But I'm not a rapper, lookBoom, bam, bopBada-bop-boom, pow!