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Sure tright here is a method I deserve to calibrate my 2G iPod Touch accelerometer.It is off, huge time. No matter the angle, it thinks I"m tilting it way much left. The accelerometer still works, as individual apps through calibration functions permit for recalibration, and those apps work beauticompletely. More inside.

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So, my accelerometer on my ipod touch is on the fritz. Its been getting worse and also worse over the last few months. It is to the allude now where it goes instantly right into landscape mode in apps and also utilities that enable such - for example, the music player is unusable since it goes immediately into the album watch display. The browser is constantly in landscape mode. Tbelow is no angle I have the right to move it to fix it. The accelerometer is plainly still useful - for instance, in Labyrinth 2, it defaulted as if I was tilting the display much to the left. But once I use the integrated calibration feature, it functions perfectly. I have actually tried:1) AppBox - an app with a bunch of tools, consisting of a clinometer with a calibration tool that a google search said can work-related. It didn"t and in truth made it worse. Might be a coincidence. 2) Updating my ipod"s software. 3) Shaking the hell out of it.4) Consulting google generally - this is a difficulty that has actually been roughly because the first ipod touch. Most of the answers gave are of the "If Apple assumed it was a trouble, they would provide an application to calibprice it" variety. That is not advantageous. It is not under warranty anymore. Any ideas? Anyone aware of a solve, or an app that will calibrate the accelerometer internationally, not just for an individual app? Am I screwed? Because without the capacity to carry out a lot of anything through my music, this gadget is largely usemuch less to me.
Have you thought around bringing it in to an Apple save for a genius appointment? The appointment is cost-free, and also it"s feasible that they will certainly have a complimentary solution to sell you, although since it"s not under warranty you more than likely will not desire to pay for a repair. I"ve had actually success in the previous via obtaining computer system difficulties addressed by Apple (for free) on an out of warranty repair, although I"ve never before had an ipod difficulty so I don"t understand how advantageous they will be.posted by andoatnp at 8:49 PM on October 20, 2010
I have to include that as well - tright here is no Apple Store anywhere close to me. I am on Vancouver Island also. The nearest Apple Stores are in Vancouver. I would certainly need to take a day off occupational and also most likely pay $150 for a ferry there and ago. If I"m going to lose that type of cash, I"ll simply buy a new ipod.posted by neksys at 11:30 PM on October 20, 2010
You"re practically absolutely SOL. The actual physical accelerometer is physically messed up and also tbelow is no system-level way to recalibprice it.You could attempt a tough reset (press the sleep/wake switch and the Home button at the same time and also hold for at leastern 10 seconds) but I wouldn"t hold a lot hope.posted by Ookseer at 12:19 AM on October 21, 2010

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Oh well. I will certainly leave the question open up for now. It appears downbest offensive to me that the accelerometer can be recalibrated at the app-level - and also work flawlessly - yet that such a thing is not feasible at the system level. I am playing a tilt game as we speak, so physically the accelerometer is working specifically as it need to - it is reporting data to the mechanism in a way that is useable, when calibrated for. The information are just somejust how shifted. Maybe thats what bothers me around Apple - that the default solution is "buy a brand-new one" when it is an reportedly straightforward software resolve.posted by neksys at 12:11 PM on October 21, 2010
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