Hearing and also speech are essential to discovering for youngsters. Most babies are born with normal hearing but every year three out of eexceptionally 1,000 babies are born via hearing loss. This loss have the right to be in one or both ears. Hearing loss in children deserve to influence the way their brain establishes resulting in far-reaching impacts. These may include obstacles via speech and also language, impaired social emotional breakthrough and lessened scholastic performance.

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Signs and also symptoms of hearing loss in youngsters have the right to be different for eincredibly son. If your child was born through hearing loss, it is most regularly discovered in the time of a newborn hearing screening in the medical facility quickly after birth. Most of the complications of hearing loss deserve to be prevented if your son is diagnosed by 3 months of age and also proper therapy begins prior to your son is 6 months old. If the hearing loss happened after your son was born, you could be among the first people to notification hearing or speech obstacles.

Pediatric audiology services

At Chef Children"s, our audiologists have actually doctorate level levels in audiology and are uniquely trained to administer experienced and compassionate treatment for your kid. Our team works closely through your family, speech pathologists, college personnel and also physicians to ensure you child"s success.

Our outpatient rehabilitation clinics administer diagnostic hearing and vestibular trial and error and hearing assist and cochlear implant trial and error and also programming services.

We also have an audiology team at the primary medical facility giving the capability to complete hearing evaluations throughout your child"s inpatient continue to be if essential.

With in-house audiology services obtainable at all our Ear, Nose and Throat (ENT) clinics, our team of audiologists job-related collaboratively alongside our medical professionals to provide detailed indevelopment about hearing levels for kids through a variety of problems from ear infections and also eustachian tube dysattribute to atresia and hearing loss.

You can be confident your boy will obtain expert clinical treatment at Chef Children"s from audiologists trained to diagnose and also help youngsters and also family members towards wellness and success.

Hearing trial and error Behavioral audiometry Auditory brainstem response Otoacoustic emissions Infant newborn hearing screeningsVestibular experimentation Videonystagmography (VNG) VHIT Vestibular-evoked myogenic potential (VEMP)

Find even more indevelopment on vestibular disorders here

Evaluation and selection of assistive devices Hearing aids (consists of dispensing, testing and repairs) Bone conduction hearing gadgets FM units Other assistive listening gadgets Custom ear plugs for swimming and also noise protection

Tright here are 3 primary kinds of hearing loss. These kinds of hearing loss can be present at birth or got after birth.

Sensorineural Hearing Loss (SNHL): This kind of hearing loss is related to the inner ear or the neural connection to the brain.

Conductive Hearing Loss (CHL): This form of hearing loss occurs in the external or middle ear.

Mixed Hearing Loss (MHL): This is ssuggest a combination or mix of both SNHL and also CHL.

Caoffers of hearing loss

Hearing loss in children deserve to be existing at birth (congenital) or acquired later on in childhood.

Possible reasons of congenital hearing loss Infection from the mom (examples: cytomegalovirus, herpes, syphilis, rubella toxoplasmosis) Low birthweight Syndromes Hereditary/inherited troubles Malformations of the outer ear Malformations of the middle ear (ear drum or bones of the middle ear) Possible reasons of got hearing loss Medications that have the right to be harmful to the ears Loud noise expocertain Trauma Infections Ear wax blockage Middle ear infections Perforation of the eardrum Tumors in the middle ear Problems with the eustachian tube Foregime objects in the ear canal

Noise exposure in youngsters and teens

Loud noise and also sounds have the right to be damaging to a person"s hearing. The level of noise and also the size of time you listen deserve to put your and also your kid at threat for noise-induced hearing loss. Sound levels are measured in decibels (dB). The greater the decibel (dB) number the more at danger you are for this kind of hearing loss. Sounds that are louder than 85 dB can cause permanent hearing loss.

Things to watch to prevent noise exposure in your children: For young kids it is vital to watch out for loud toys. Many type of toys are designed to be played at a distance from the body yet a young boy will regularly hold playthings close to their confront and ears. Use hearing protection once playing musical instruments and also attending concerts, Chef audiologists have the right to aid you find the appropriate hearing security to save ears safe but save musical top quality. Use hearing security as soon as searching, firing firearms, mowing, or making use of power devices. Limit your tween and teenagers time and loudness as soon as using individual headphones to listen to music or games. Reresources for noise-induced hearing loss:

Hearing tests for newborns

Test What it measures How it"s done
Tympanometry This test helps find problems with the eardrum and also middle ear. This test does not meacertain hearing yet it deserve to detect the opportunity of changes in pressure of the middle ear, liquid behind the eardrum, or a hole in the eardrum. A small earphone is placed in your baby"s ear. The earphone steps exactly how well sound enters the middle ear at different air pressures.
Otoacoustic egoals (OAE) This test looks at the hair cells of the cochlea. The cochlea is the organ of hearing. A tiny earphone is placed in the ear. Your baby will need to remajor still and quiet for a few minutes. Sounds will come via the earphone and also then a solution from the hair cells will certainly be videotaped.
Auditory Brainstem Response (ABR) This test steps the response of your baby"s hearing nerve and also the reduced component of the brain. It can tell us the form and degree of hearing loss. This test should be percreated while your baby is asleep or sedated. Sound is presented to each ear and also we measure the brainwaves that are regarded hearing.

Hearing tests for babies and also toddlers

Test What it measures How it"s done
Tympanometry This test helps find troubles with the eardrum and middle ear. This test does not measure hearing yet it deserve to detect the possibility of transforms in push of the middle ear, fluid behind the eardrum, or a hole in the eardrum. A small earphone is put in your child"s ear. The earphone measures how well sound enters the middle ear at different air pressures.
Visual Reinforcement Audiometry (VRA) This test determines the quietest levels your kid responds to assorted sounds. For this test, your son will certainly to look toward a toy or video display in response to a sound made from a speaker or earphone.

Hearing tests for preschoolers

Test What it measures How it"s done
Tympanometry This test helps uncover troubles with the eardrum and middle ear. This test does not measure hearing but it deserve to detect the possibility of transforms in press of the middle ear, fluid behind the eardrum, or a hole in the eardrum. A tiny earphone is placed in your child"s ear. The earphone measures just how well sound enters the middle ear at various air pressures.
Conditioned Play Audiometry (CPA) This test determines the quietest levels your kid responds to assorted sounds. During this test, your kid is asked to respond to sounds by playing a simple game, such as throwing blocks in a bucket or stacking blocks to make a tower. Testing is done through earphones on each ear.

Hearing tests for school-aged youngsters

Test What it measures How it"s done
Tympanometry This test helps discover troubles via the eardrum and also middle ear. This test does not measure hearing yet it deserve to detect the possibility of alters in pressure of the middle ear, fluid behind the eardrum, or a hole in the eardrum. A tiny earphone is placed in your child"s ear. The earphone measures exactly how well sound enters the middle ear at different air pressures.
Conventional audiometry This test determines the quietest levels your son responds to assorted sounds. For this test, your kid is asked to respond to sounds played via earphones. It needs your child"s participation to either raise their hand also or say "yes" as soon as they hear a beep. This is like a traditional adult hearing test.

Hearing aids – These digital, battery-operated devices can amplify and also modify for your kid. A wide variety of colors and layouts are accessible for you and your boy. A Cook Children"s pediatric audiologist will certainly be there to guide you in this process.

Cochlear implants – This is a surgically inserted tool that helps to transmit electrical stimulation to the inner ear. Only certain kinds of children are candidays for this type of gadget, the most most likely candidays are youngsters with severe to prodiscovered sensorineural hearing loss (SNHL). Find more information about cochlear implants.

Bone anchored gadgets – This is a maker for youngsters through conductive hearing loss, combined hearing loss, or single sided deafness (SSD). A bone anchored gadget have the right to be made use of after birth like a hearing assist or it can be implanted later by an otologist.


Caitlin Gerhards, Au.D., CCC-A, has actually been a pediatric audiologist at Chef Children"s since 2019. Dr. Gerhards completed her doctorate education and learning with a focus on pediatric audiology at the University of Washington in Seattle. Because that time, she has actually ongoing to emphasis her career on the pediatric populace with a one-of-a-kind interest in diagnostic evaluations, high-danger audiologic surveillance and also amplification services. Dr. Gerhards" aim is to administer thorough, evidence-based treatment to each patient and assist households in making the finest decisions for their child"s hearing wellness care requirements. She enjoys the caring, family-centered atmosphere of Chef Children"s and partnering through patients and also families to assist achieve their goals.

Carguys B. Landry, Au.D.

Carmales B. Landry, Au.D., has been component of the Chef Children"s family given that 2007. Her specialty is diagnostic evaluation in the ENT clinic, hearing evaluations under anesthesia and part-time juggler/performer. She enjoys working at Cook Children"s because of the fun setting, friendly staff and also adorable patients. When she isn"t functioning, you deserve to discover her crafting and enjoying time with her husband and also 3 kids.

Emily Harris, Au.D., CCC-A

Emily Harris, Au.D., CCC-AEmily Harris, Au.D., CCC-A is a Pediatric Audiologist and has actually worked at Cook Children"s considering that 2019. Dr. Harris earned her Bachelor of the Arts level in Communication Sciences and Disorders from LSU and also her Doctoprice of Audiology from College of Tennescheck out. As a board-certified Doctor of Audiology she is vested in offering patient and family-focused treatment to aid children with hearing loss thrive in their world. Dr. Harris holds her Certificate of Clinical Competence in Audiology from the Amerihave the right to Speech Language and Hearing Association. She enjoys functioning through her colleagues in a positive and welcoming environment at Cook Children"s.

Jennifer McCliment, Au.D.

Jennifer McCliment, Au.D., has operated at Chef Children"s considering that 2001. She is an ASHA-certified audiologist and also is a member of the Texas Academy of Audiology. Her areas of interest are pediatric diagnostic evaluations and amplification. She has actually had actually years of suffer caring for patients at many type of of the Chef Children"s inpatient and also outpatient rehab settings. Dr. McCliment enjoys seeing many of her patients grow up and also prosper over the years.

Josh Spann, Au.D.

Josh Spann, Au.D., joined the Cook Children"s Audiology team in 2016. A native of Arkansas, Dr. Spann functioned in the aviation industry before pursuing a career in audiology. His impetus stemmed from his very own experiences with hearing loss that began as a kid.

Dr. Spann"s professional interests include cochlear implants, interdisciplinary care, precepting future audiologists and process improvement. Outside of job-related, he enjoys spending time with his family members in Arkansas and also his dog, Tessa, fishing, overlanding and riding motorcycles.

Kaitlyn M. Kennedy, Au.D., ABAC

Kaitlyn M. Kennedy, Au.D., ABAC, has been an audiologist at Cook Children"s given that 2017. She graduated from Missouri State College and has been connected in leadership for national and state audiology institutions, presently serving as chair of the New Professionals Committee for the Amerideserve to Academy of Audiology. Dr. Kennedy is originally from Missouri and also enjoys St. Louis sports, consisting of Cardinals baseround and Blues hockey. She enjoys functioning through her patients and also families, helping them on their hearing journeys.

Kelli Billups, Au.D.

Kelli Billups, Au.D., is an inpatient audiologist and also has actually operated at Cook Children"s because 2017. As a board-certified Doctor of Audiology she takes distinct interest in diagnostic testing, specifically electrophysiological experimentation for pediatric patients. Dr. Billups is a Certificate Holder - Audiology Preceptor and also volunteers through many type of organizations in the DFW area. She loves many type of things about functioning at Cook Children"s, specifically the patients and Warm Cookie Wednesday wright here warm cookies are served in the medical center"s Camelot Court Food Court.

Kristi Reed, Au.D.

Kristi Reed, Au.D., is the audiology regimen clinical coordinator at Chef Children"s and also has been a component of the Cook Children"s family considering that 2011. She earned her doctorate in Audiology at Texas Tech College Health Sciences Center. Dr. Reed is board certified in audiology and a Certificate Holder - Audiology Preceptor. She loves many things around working at Cook Children"s including every one of the sweet patients and their family members, her remarkable coemployees and also the friendly, caring setting at Chef Children"s.

Lisa Christensen, Program Manager

Lisa Christensen is the audiology regimen manager at Cook Children"s Medical Center in Ft Worth, Texas. Dr. Christensen has actually devoted a big amount of her professional career to osseoincorporated gadgets in kids. Her research study in this location has actually resulted in several peer reperceived publications and also lectures roughly the world on this topic. Her various other interests incorporate pediatric diagnostics and also amplification, and got hearing loss in kids and also adults.

Throughout her career, Dr. Christensen has offered on plenty of committees for the American Academy of Audiology and has actually been involved in numerous state academies. Dr. Christensen has also served as the President of the Amerideserve to Academy of Audiology.

Mandy Pendleton, Au.D.

Dr. Mandy Pendleton is a member of the Amerideserve to Academy of Audiology and Amerideserve to Speech, Language, Hearing Association. Dr. Pendleton has actually been an audiologist at Cook Children"s because 2015 and also functions out of the South Rehabilitation Center. Dr. Pendleton earned her B.A. in Communications Disorders from Truman State College in Kirksville, Missouri and her MS in Audiology and Au.D from the College of Tennessee Health Science Center in Knoxville, Tennescheck out. She enjoys many kind of facets of audiology, however has actually distinct interemainder in cochlear implant, electrophysiology and supervising graduate students.

Mariana Castle, Au.D.

Mariana Castle, Au.D., is a pediatric audiologist and also has functioned at Chef Children’s considering that 2017. Dr. Castle obtained her doctoprice from Lamar University and is a fellow of the Amerihave the right to Academy of Audiology. Dr. Castle’s expert interemainder encompass vestibular testing and electrophysiology. Dr. Castle draws on her Hispanic heritage to bond through the families she serves. She enjoys working in such a fun atmosphere surrounded by the sweet patients and amazing colleagues. Beyond occupational, Dr. Castle enjoys spending time through her household, friends and also 2 dogs. She enjoys hiking, traveling and drinking coffee at neighborhood coffee shops.

Marie Mahoney, Au.D.

Dr. Mahoney joined the Chef Children"s Audiology team in 2015. She earned her doctdental degree at Kent State College, and completed her fourth year externship at the Cleveland Clinic in Cleveland also, Ohio. She is board certified by the American Board of Audiology, and is a fellow of the Amerideserve to Academy of Audiology. Dr. Mahoney takes one-of-a-kind interemainder in functioning through youngsters that have typical hearing aids, bone conduction gadgets and also cochlear implants. She believes that collaborating with family members is necessary for helping each son reach desired communication outcomes. Outside of working in the clinic, she enjoys traveling, running and also espresso.

Megan Richards, Au.D.

Megan Richards, Au.D., joined the Cook Children’s household as a pediatric audiologist in October 2019. She obtained a Bachelor of Science in speech language and also hearing sciences from Texas Tech College Health Sciences Center through a minor in American Sign Language and went on to get a Doctorate in audiology from Pacific University Oregon. Dr. Richards currently holds a certificate of clinical competency in audiology with the American Speech and Hearing Association. The point she loves many about functioning at Chef Children’s is being able to provide terrific care to her neighborhood and the bordering locations.

Skyler Barnes, Au.D.

Skyler Barnes, Au.D., is a pediatric audiologist and also has worked at Chef Children"s because 2018. Dr. Barnes received her Bachelor of Science in Speech Language Pathology/Audiology and Doctoprice in Audiology from the University of North Texas. She takes special interest in diagnostic trial and error, hearing aids and assistive innovation. Dr. Barnes started her career at Chef Children"s as a student wright here she completed her fourth year externship. She loves the sweet households at Cook Children"s and looks forward to serving their hearing wellness care needs.

Susanna Saxon, Au.D.

Susanna Saxon, Au.D., is an inpatient audiologist and also has actually operated at Chef Children"s since 2018. Dr. Jakubowich graduated from the University of Texas at Dallas. As a board-certified Doctor of Audiology she takes distinct interest in diagnostic experimentation and helping in early on identification of childhood hearing loss. She loves many type of points around working at Cook Children"s, specifically the wonderful patients and also their family members.

Virginia “Ginny” Land Leach, Au.D.

Virginia “Ginny” Land Leach, is a pediatric audiologist at Chef Children’s Medical Center. She earned her doctorate in Audiology at the University of Texas at Dallas and also is a Board Certified Audiologist. She strives to provide high-top quality, evidence-based family-focused care for her patients and also their families.

If my kid wears hearing aids, will they learn to talk? Tbelow are many type of things that identify if your child via hearing loss will learn to talk. First your child need to wear their hearing aids or implant processor throughout all waking hrs of each day. 2nd you have to give your child continuous auditory input – talk to your kid, define what you"re doing all day, and also check out to them eextremely day. Other developmental delays can delay your child"s speech breakthrough despite correct hearing help use and also excellent auditory input. Your child"s audiologist deserve to assist you via this process. Chef also uses a parent assistance group for hearing loss wright here you can additionally learn from various other family members.

Is earwax normal? Ear wax is normal. It protects and also moisturizes your ears. It is completely normal to have a little amount of ear wax in your ears. If ear wax entirely fills the ears, it can reason a slight hearing loss. Hearing will certainly go back to normal when the wax is rerelocated.

How do I rerelocate earwax? It is best to let a licensed medical experienced rerelocate ear wax from your child"s ears. Putting objects in your child"s ears have the right to permanently damage their ears and hearing.

How are you going to test my baby"s/toddler"s/child"s hearing? Cook Audiologists are specialists in experimentation hearing in kids. They will customize testing based on your child"s developpsychological level.

How I prepare my child for an ABR? Auditory Brainstem Response (ABR) testing helps an audiologist obtain information about the hearing device when infants are as well young to respond or previous trial and error has been unsuccessful for older kids. ABR trial and error needs your child to sleep soundly throughout the test. The appointments for unsedated ABR experimentation are two hours lengthy to make certain you have actually time to gain your baby sound asleep and encertain great test results. It is necessary you carry your infant exhausted and ready for a nap. Feeding ideal prior to your appointment time or appropriate once you arrive for your appointment is recommended to assist get your baby comfortable and also all set for sleep. Sedated ABR tests are completed just at the Key Medical Center place in Ft Worth, Texas. Because of anesthesia, your kid will certainly have eating and drinking restrictions for the test. A representative from the medical center will certainly contact you before your appointment via those certain details.

How do I schedule an appointment or follow-up appointment? Call 682-885-3898 for brand-new appointments or follow-up appointments.

How much does a hearing test cost? The age and developpsychological status of your kid will determine which measures are likely to take place during your child"s appointment. Once your appointment is booked, the scheduling expert can help you identify an approximated cost for your child"s appointment.

How frequently does my child need to return for follow-up visits after hearing aids are fit? Once your kid is fit through hearing aids, your son will require an initial follow up appointment in 4 to 6 weeks. Depfinishing on the age of your boy, follow up appointments will certainly be collection at 3 month, 6 month, or ybeforehand intervals.

When will certainly I uncover out the test results? Once experimentation is finish, the audiologist will certainly go over the outcomes with you and also make recommendations before you leave the appointment. You will certainly be provided time to ask concerns and also give feedago around the results also.

Will my insurance cover the procedure and/or hearing aids? Each insurance firm has different coverage for hearing aids. Once your boy has actually been tested and your audiologists renders referrals our insurance reimbursement specialist have the right to assist you determine what your insurance covers.

My amplification is damaged, what carry out I do? If your child"s hearing aids or earmolds are damaged, you might drop off the broken hearing aids at your audiologist"s office or speak to 682-885-3898 to make an appointment via your audiologist.

My boy demands new earmolds, what execute I do? Please contact 682-885-3898 to make an appointment through your audiologist.

How perform I let school know the outcomes of today"s recommendations? The audiologist will certainly carry out information for your school once hearing aids or various other gadgets are fit on your boy. You can additionally fill out a Release of Indevelopment to have duplicates of your child"s outcomes sent to the child"s school straight from Chef Medical Records at 682-885-1012.

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Can I have actually a copy of today"s test? Your audiologist will certainly provide a family members friendly indevelopment sheet of the experimentation results at the end of the appointment. This indevelopment sheet offers the hearing results and references for your boy.