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"The blood is still rolling off my flak jacket from the hole in my shoulder and also there are bulallows cracking right into the sand also all approximately me." (29)

"July fourth, nineteenager forty-six. I was born on the Fourth of July. I can"t feel ..." (33)

"But it is the living deaths I am smelling now, the living deaths, the bodies damaged in the very same battle that I have come from." (48)

"Somebody, give us back our bodies!" (54)

"I wanted to be a hero." (72)

"If those bastards in Washington would certainly stop fiddlefucking about and drop a couple of big ones in the ideal places, we might gain that whole point over via next week. We might win that goddamn thing and get all our youngsters out of tbelow." (105)

"I have actually offered my dead swinging dick for America." (116)

"Fuck all you goddamn motherfuckers! They made me kill babies! They made me kill babies!" (129)


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