Boot time diagnostic screen

The boot-time diagnostic display screen screens basic and vital indevelopment around the current server configuration

and is important for troubleshooting and may be required once asking for technological support. These indevelopment


Processor specifications

BIOS version and also release day

BMC firmware variation

Size of the device and video memory, and also the memory size allotted for the cache RAM and also choice ROM

Serial port base I/O deal with

Available tough drives and growth boards

Server asset tag and serial number

MAC resolve of each of the 3 LAN ports

It is recommfinished that you check this screen throughout the initial device setup and each time you install, rerelocate, or

upgrade accessories.

To view the boot-time diagnostic screen:

You initially have to permit the display of the diagnostic display screen during bootup. Follow the steps below. 1.

In the Key food selection display, pick Boot Features.


Select the Overview Display field.


Press the plus (+) or minus (-) essential to collection the field to Enabled.


Press F10 to conserve the transforms you made and also cshed the Setup Utility.


Reboot the server. The diagnostic display screen is shown briefly at the end of POST.

Figure 24 Boot-time diagnostic display screen


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Press the Pause/Break key to continue displaying the display screen till an additional essential is pressed.


Press any kind of vital to continue with the system bootup.

Recording tradition Setup values

Keep a record of the tradition Setup values you have actually set up for your system BIOS. If the tradition worths ever need

restoring (after a CMOS clear, for example), you should run the Setup Utility and enter these practice settings aget.

Make certain to upday this document whenever you make any type of change to these Setup settings or install new hardware. You deserve to either record the Setup worths manually (hard copy) or use a CMOS backup energy.

To manually record the practice Setup values:


Access the Setup utility.


Go through each menu and submenus page, and push Print Display to make a difficult copy. For multiple web page menus, relocate to each web page and also print each display. If a printer is not easily accessible, create dvery own the worths on a piece of paper. Make certain to write them dvery own

legibly and accurately.


Label and date the Setup values tough copy, then store it in a safe and also obtainable place, preferably with