Boot camp installer disc could not be found

I"m trying to follow the directions on just how to create a Windows 7 installation USB flash drive. I was able to create the drive and as soon as I insert it into a Windows computer system, it reflects the installer effectively.

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The problem is that as soon as I acquire to the "Start Windows Installation" action in boot camp, it asks to insert the Windows disk. I put the USB drive, and also it shows up on the desktop computer, however, when I click Start Installation, I get the adhering to error message:

The installer disc could not be discovered. Insert your Windows installer disc and also wait a few secs for the disc to be known.


I"m having actually the exact exact same trouble. I tried holding the option key once rebooting to view if I can boot from the USB key but I could not discover a way to perform this, so I installed rEFIt (then rebooted twice!) and also THEN plugged in the USB essential and also the following time I rebooted it did present up as an alternative to boot from the USB essential.

I tried that and also the windows installer loaded and also it uncovered the brand-new bootcamp FAT32 partition. It shelp I couldn"t install to the bootcamp partition because it requires NTFS.

This SuperUser article suggests "ssuggest format the partition utilizing the Windows installer"s integrated energy (in other words, as part of the installation process)" so I did that ongoing through the install and every little thing functions fine!



lengthy story short. To produce a boot disk on USB do this:

open bootcamp application contents (finder, right-click bootcamp application at applications folder)Copy details.plist file to an additional area (like desktop), rename the original to somepoint like "OLDinfo.plist" to keep a backup.Right-click that duplicated file and open up it through texteditSearch for a line containing the string(cshed to the bottom): PreUSBBootSupportedModelsRerelocate the "Pre" string so the line look like: USBBootSupportedModelsSave the file and copy it back to the bootcamp package contents.Run the bootcamp and also pick the equivalent USB generating choice that currently mirrors up tright here at second display.Use the rEFIt point as detailed before.Profit!

This is just a wild guess, but what around pushing and also holding the alt key while booting and check out if it will allow you to select the USB drive the boot drive.

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I do not recognize if the mac will certainly boot from USB at all.


If you are making use of Lion, tright here is an easy way to usage Bootcamp to install Windows. Bootcamp in itself has actually support to develop Windows 7 install disk from iso file, yet by default it is disabled for Macbook Pros.

Check out this attach for just how to carry out it.

With Lion, has actually added an choice to BootCamp that will produce a bootable USB Windows 7 install disk. Unfortunately, only permits this on computer systems that support booting from a USB drive (a.k.a. they don"t have actually optical drive) which encompass the MacPublication Air and 2011 Mac Mini. Their is a means roughly this, and also after browsing and also finding the solution, I made a decision to pass it one to you.

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What the guy above states about the DAEMON Tools works, though there are more actions needed. First you"ll require an ISO file, which you have the right to actually make out of the flash drive by ssuggest creating a brand-new picture file in Disk Utility by clicking on the New Image icon on the Toolbar, though obviously initially you need the flash drive schosen in the left hand also column, make the Image Layout DVD/CD Master (I do not think its necessary to have a encryption), and save it wright here you uncover convenient (favor the Desktop). Now you have the right to rename it from .cdr to .iso (it demands to be an ISO I believe). Now downfill and also open up DAEMON Tools (just use the 20 day trial), and press the Quick Mount icon at the bottom and navigate and open up your ISO file. Now Boot Camp Assistant must be able to view your ISO file/data from flash drive, and also the rest must be tackled without trouble. You have the right to also gain the rEFIt boot manager if you desire, be my guest. (Oh yeah, and also this is using the latest software program, Yosemite, though on a MacBook Pro 15 inch, Mid 2010) If the whole flash drive converting to ISO (I did here) doesn"t occupational or isn"t well-known, simply get the Windows (whatever before version) ISO file from the Microsoft website.