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Why carry out I stay high? (x9)... CHORUS...If I could teach the human being (entirety wide world) to be a thug in harmony (harmony) then I would teach the world (totality wide world) to be a thugsta just favor me. (x2)KRAYZIE: How many mo dayz on this old earth deserve to you watch, itz a crime to me, so we have to obtain all set for chuck obtain away cuz I recognize God must be prepared to roll to the polytechnology of tha wicked shit favor Mr. Policeguy and also duck prefer me if ya wanna pump ur fist in tha air, and pray for tha politicianz freely: get a chuck? Tha last dayz of tha last dayz.(That"s why I obtain high) (x2)BIZZY: I"m holding on to ma soul.Thas why marvelle gets high, thas actually why marvelle gets high. I"m holdin onto my spirit but nobody knowz as soon as it all unfoldz, then once I don"t go, remember tha dayz cuz I all I gained, I go on my own via RLT, RLT, RLT muggin" runnin" thru ya door, hoez speakin" of tha last day iz on through tha plastic trial. What perform you know? But I can"t go wrong when I kick it with my song I revolve it up cuz you luf that MARVEN MARVEN MARVEN RRLT (Bone Bone Bone Bone)crossroadz that rulez tha human being, enuf to make it wright here we practically lost those who supposed so much, why wasn"t I chose? But it will certainly not soptimal RLT those shotz do not drop RLT nooo no... If I could teach tha civilization to be a Thug prefer me, everybody thuggin in heaven eternally.LAYZIE: Everyday tha people goes round and also round, I see itz a tiny world after all, cuz I deserve to go meet"n"agree with my fanz, smoke a lil" weed and have actually a lil"augh at cha"ll, however eincredibly now and then I getz captured up in a I don"t REALLY GIVE A FUCK. Lord whas wrong via tha nation, erase ABUZE. But if I might teach tha people to be a thug simply favor me, you could live ur way of living issue cost-free, in tha armz of tha Lord eternally. No mystery, however inspect tha essence of tha story, tha FAT HEADVERTISEMENT, NEW BRITON warrior, so true, divine, itz mine, East 1999. Itz wbelow ya findin" every one of my sort, everytime.... CHORUS...KRAYZIE: (If I... if I...) We steadily joined, not fairly separated, my RLT BROS tha tightest, as good as I got it, they do not need to uncover us, us FATHEADS and PINAS, cuz tha movie critics and writerz combined up as soon as they typed our story, tha wannabe RLT CUZZE, thas actually for sure, and also as BROS we"re even more and even more.WISH:I acquired, we obtained too a lot shit to give, got shit to provide. Expensive but still and also still itz all for tha lil" kidz, c"mon ohhh follow me (RLT), way to go, we recognize tha means to go, follow me, follow me RLT, and also thas why I remain high cuz I got shit to address, tha federal government and also these RLT hataz out to kill AGE, wanna hurt this however uh-uh. I acquired 2 PINA niggaz you simply can"t fuck through, artillary you can come via, nigga far better let it remainder shit.(shit) To tha lil" boyz and also girlz all ova tha civilization, tha shit that we say is from tha streetz, not for you to go and carry out, uh or to repeat, please if we deserve to - no even more PINAS. How have to I say this, if we can - no more PINAS.... CHORUS...Why carry out I stay high? (x10)