Bluetooth greyed out windows 10

I have a Dell XPS L502x lappeak via Windows 8.1, and I am trying to turn Bluetooth on. I tried going to this setting: Change PC settingsCOMPUTER and devicesBluetoothManage Bluetooth devices, yet I cannot revolve Bluetooth on. The choice is ghosted (grayed out and can"t be changed).

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It worked prior to in Windows 8.1.

I have the latest driver for Bluetooth, and also all services connected are running.



I had actually same worry and was looking digital for aid however had actually no luck with any. But I controlled to solve by going to Computer Management >> Device Manager, then noticed yellow exclamation note on Bluetooth authorize and also after ideal clicking on it and disabled it when and then enabled after it recognised automatically! I have actually Windows 8.1 with Sony Vaio Tap 11.


Go to Start Screen > Swipe Up > All Apps > Dell Support Center, then click Detailed System Indevelopment. If it states that your computer isn"t bluetooth compatible, then you will certainly more than likely must buy a bluetooth adaptor. Did it work-related before?

If it did job-related prior to, push home windows crucial, kind "troubleshooting," open up it, go to "hardware and also sound" > "hardware and also devices" > follow instructionsor... search for an approximately day bluetooth driver online for your computer


This worked for me(Intel Wiremuch less Card via Bluetooth):

Go to tool manager.

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If Bluetooth is not detailed, go to View-> Sexactly how Hidden Devices. Then under Bluetooth, uninstall all drivers(consisting of any called GenericBluetooth ...) Install.

I tried various other approaches without success. I ultimately updated chipset vehicle drivers and BIOS firmware. After that enabling the switch was not greyed out anyeven more.

I have Windows 8.

Power alternatives may have something to execute through the difficulty otherwise.

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Here is an extremely excellent troubleshooting about that

I had a similar trouble on my S206 - WiFi was on however Bluetooth was off once I upgraded Windows, and also when upgraded I couldn"t install the driver for bluetooth as the install wizard insisted I didn"t have the hardware connected. The Windows 8 energy management motorists just set off flight mode once the wiremuch less switch was pressed. I unmounted the Windows 8 power management vehicle drivers, and also installed the Windows 7 power administration vehicle drivers. These let you permit and disable Wifi and also Bluetooth individually. Unfortunately the butloads for WiFi and camera don"t occupational in Windows 8 correctly, unless you hibernate the COMPUTER and also resume. I adjusted the power settings of the active profile temporarily so pressing the power switch put the COMPUTER right into hibernate mode, and on resuming the WiFi switch operated as intended. I didn"t should use the Fn switch as it wasn"t permitted in BIOS. Once Bluetooth was activated I had the ability to install the Bluetooth chauffeurs, and also then I remounted the Windows 8 power monitoring motorists over the optimal to do an in-area upgrade. Now I have both WiFi and also Bluetooth selectable in the Windows 8 settings panel.