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Blue Arrows Grass

Juncus Blue Arrow toleprices drshould wet problems and also has actually an upappropriate halittle bit. The Juncus are widely provided in containers, landscaping combined through colorful bedding plants, or alengthy waterside. The largely upbest development patterns carry visual interest and rich green shade wherever they are included. This is a perennial that maintains its shade in warmer climates. In cooler climates, the foliage will whither in Fall and Winter months. In cooler climates, the brown foliage will need to be cleared amethod in the beforehand Spring to permit for the  growth of new foliage. 




36 Inches


12 Inches

Homeowner Growing & Maintenance Tips

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Blue Arrow tolerates drought to wet conditions and moist yet well drained soil.

Interelaxing Notes

Unique beauty for Spring, Summer and Fall landscapeBeautiful green foliage to structure beds and containersHeat and also light tolerantDivision should be done in beforehand Spring months


USDA Hardiness Zone 5-9

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Characteristics & Attributes
•Focal Point•Ground Cover•Border or Bed•Mass Planting•Container•Edging
Acquisition Size(s):

Partial Shade

Foliage Color

Soil Moisture Preference

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