Blank powerpoint

If some of the slides of your PowerPoint slideshow are going empty, this might suggest there’s a trouble through your animations or screen drivers.

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Having nopoint to display to your audience yet an empty background deserve to be really frustrating, specifically if you poured tens of hours right into that presentation. Let’s watch how you have the right to fix the trouble.

Troubleshooting Blank PowerPoint Slides

First things first:

Make sure the blank slide is not a straightforward shift to the following slide. It’s normal to have a empty slide till the first animation runs on the following slide.Ensure you don’t have departure animations assigned to the objects existing on the problematic slides. Disable all the animations simply to make sure.Get the latest Office and also Windows 10/Mac OS updays and examine if the trouble persists.

1. Move the content to a new slide

Add a new slide and copy the text and also the objects from the problematic slide to the new slide. Copy-paste the items one by one.

Check if the trouble has actually been fixed and delete the slide that wasn’t working properly.

This is not a solution per se however it’s a workroughly that have to at least assist you to bypass the problem. If some of the objects from the initially slide acquired corrupted, moving them to a new slide should deal with the concern.

2. Reuse the slides

PowerPoint has an extremely handy feature that allows individuals to add slides from an old presentation to a new one.

If you don’t want to manually copy-paste the objects from the problematic slide(s) as suggested in the initially solution, you can ssuggest utilize the Reusage slides option. You can also keep the original design, if you want to.

Open a new presentationAdd a new slide and click the space in between the first and also the second slide — this is where you’ll include the problematic slide(s) or the whole presentationGo to Home, click on New Slide, and pick Reuse Slides
Select Open a PowerPoint File and also then open the presentation that has the blank slideIf you desire to save the architecture, select Keep source formattingIn the Reusage Slides section, pick the problematic slide if you desire to add a solitary slide or right-click on a slide and also select Insert all slides to add the whole presentation.

Check if the empty slide issue is gone.

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3. Deactivate fonts

If you’re suffering this issue on Mac, attempt deactivating all the fonts external of the Library folder. Some individuals shown that turning off non-Library fonts made the blank slides came to be visible aobtain.

4. Uninstall old Office versions

If, by any type of opportunity, you’ve acquired 2 Office versions set up on your computer, rerelocate the older variation.

Having two Office releases on your machine might sometimes reason software dispute issues bring about assorted glitches, including blank slides.

5. Disable add-ins

If you’re using add-ins, turn all of them off:

Navigate to FileOptionsAdd-ins
Select and disable all of your add-insRestart PowerPoint and also examine if you’re acquiring the exact same inexplicable habits.

6. Repair Office

If particular Office or PowerPoint papers obtained corrupted, you can resolve the blank slide trouble by repairing Office.

Open the Control Panel → go to ProgramsUninstall a programSelect Office or Microsoft 365 and click on ChangeFirst, select the Quick repair alternative and it that falls short to resolve the difficulty, pick the Online Repair alternative.


7. Upday your display screen drivers

If your display screen chauffeurs are outdated, PowerPoint may not have the ability to appropriately render your slides. Make sure you’re running the latest display screen driver versions.

Open the Device Manager, choose and expand also Display driversRight-click your screen driver and select Update driver
If that did not work, choose Uninstall device and also rebegin your computerYour machine will certainly automatically downpack the latest display screen driver version.

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Did you manage to fix the PowerPoint blank slide problem? Let us understand which solution functioned for you.