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Have you ever before encountered an circumstances wherein you should access the encrypted BitLocker digital drive? Now, in order to accessibility the online tough drive, which has actually been encrypted. A user should provide the password to unlock the drive. So, what a user demands to execute to unlock BitLocker drive? For that, initially turn off BitLocker encryption from the drive and later on mount the VHD file. So readers, check out on and also get the procedure done to open up BitLocker VHD in a hassle-cost-free means.

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How to Turn-Off BitLocker Encryption from a Virtual Drive?

BitLocker has been an indeveloped feature of Windows. It is accessible for Windows 10 Pro, Education and also Enterprise editions. Now, there are top 3 techniques to unlock BitLocker drive encryption. Here are the adhering to approaches to turn-off the encrypted online drive.

Approach #1: Via Windows Settings

Originally, click the Start button or the Windows logo and also select the Settings optionAfter opening the Settings wizard, click the System optionNow, the System window will certainly enlist a collection of choices. From tbelow, open the Device Encryption tab

Note: If the Device Encryption alternative is not available under System wizard. Go to About and also inspect for Device Encryption. If it is still not accessible, which means the computer system does not have actually a BitLocker.


After that, click Turn Off button, which is in the middle of the pageThis will make the BitLocker to start the decryption process, which will take some time to finish

Note: Before BitLocker starts turning off the encryption, you will be asked to enter the Admin password or PIN.

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Approach #2: Via Control Panel

Here, click on the Start button and also navigate for BitLockerNow, click Manage BitLocker to open up the BitLocker control panel pageThen, discover the desired online drive from wbelow you must disable BitLockerClick Turn Off BitLocker button to open BitLocker VHD

Note: Similar to the over technique, periodically it might ask you to provide Administrator credentials or PIN before BitLocker begins turning off.

Approach #3: Via BitLocker Recoincredibly Key

Before encrypting the virtual drive through the password, you have to have actually provided a 48-digit recoextremely crucial. This recoextremely crucial can be used, whenever a user tends to forget the password

Firstly, discover the 48-digit recoincredibly key to open BitLocker VHDTurn on the computer system to launch the BitLocker display. It will certainly take a pair of minutes to load the BitLocker screenThen, press ESC key, which will certainly suggest that the user desires to enter the recovery key rather of BitLocker passwordNow, enter the 48-digit recoextremely key on the mentioned area and also hit EnterFinally, the encrypted digital drive has actually been the turn-off, which will certainly permit to open BitLocker VHD

How to Mount or Connect a VHD Documents in Windows?

After turning off BitLocker from your computer. Now, it is the moment to unlock BitLocker drive file by mounting the online disk via Disk Management tool. To execute the very same, a user have to follow the below-detailed actions closely and sequentially,

Go to Control Panel>> choose System and also Security>> pick Administrative Tools>> click Computer Management


Under Computer Management window, choose Disk Management option to open up BitLocker VHD fileNow, right-click on Disk Management and also choose Attach VHD option


From Attach Virtual Hard Disk dialog box, click on Browse and also navigate the VHD file to open BitLocker VHD file and click OKOnce the mounting gets complete, it will certainly show as one more Basic disk, which is highlighted in light blueIn instance of dismounting the VHD file, go ago to Disk Management and right-click the drive noted on the left side and select Detach VHD option


What if the VHD File is Corrupted or Damaged?

After following the above procedure to unlock BitLocker drive. It is quite pathetic to watch that the user is not able to see BitLocker drive as a result of the event of corruption. Acomponent from that, tbelow can be an instance wherein the user has deleted the VHD file before using the BitLocker. encryption Later, bereason of some urgent requirement, he/she demands to recover the VHD file. So in such a instance, what should be the solution to recover the deleted or damaged VHD files?

User Scenario



Under such circumstance, attempt to use SysTools VHD Viewer software. As it is an only and a finish solution, which will enable to review BitLocker drive. It is a secure software program which instantly generates the pevaluation of the deleted or corrupted papers and additionally permits to open the file on the mechanism.


What are the Outstanding Features of this Tool?Enables to watch offline, displaced and also damaged VHD filesAfter the recoexceptionally process, a user can search information from the VHD filesCapable to open up and check out the VHD file contents within the interfaceEfficiently opens the VHD file, which is created from failed VMCapable to automatically review the permanently deleted VHD filesProvides clear and flexible preview facility for deleted contentsRenders basic and interenergetic interconfront to see the deleted filesCompatible with all the VHD sustained applicationsFinal Words

In this blog, we have actually discussed the procedure to open up BitLocker VHD documents. Once decrypting the BitLocker virtual drive, if you check out any kind of VHD files are damaged or corrupted, then try making use of the trustworthy tool which is debated over. It is the ultimate solution to review and also unlock BitLocker drive without dealing with any kind of technological dubieties.

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