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My friends send me a USB drive which has been encrypted via a password in Windows 10 prior to. There are many necessary photos for our take a trip. But as soon as I inserted it on my MacPublication. It gave me the home windows that the disk was not readable by this computer system. I have actually the password and can not accessibility the drive to get what I want!! Bad mood.

Can anyone provide me suggestions? I search online and found tbelow is a tool referred to as iSunshare BitLocker Genius. Did anyone usage it before? I understand nothing about computer system, just want the simplest method to gain the photos and share the happy times through my household. Help!


If you have the password, and you recognize that the drive functions in Windows, then I think the simplest way would be to borrow a computer via Windows and also copy the records off the drive to an additional drive that you can use through your Mac. Additionally, get a copy of Windows and run on your Mac via VirtualBox, VMWare, and so on., need to have the ability to copy the files to your hold Mac system through shared catalog or something. It looks choose you can download a Windows ISO right here, which you would certainly usage to produce the digital machine on your Mac, not sure if you need a registration essential just to install and fill the OS, in my previous experiences you"ve been able to obtain to the desktop without registering.

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To the finest of my knowledge neither nor Microsoft offer a method to read a Bitlocker encrypted drive on macOS.

A bit looking turned up a energy referred to as "M3" from a firm dubbed M3 Documents Recoincredibly that purports to permit Macs to read Bitlocker encrypted drives.

Keep in mind that I have ZERO endure or expertise of this energy, how good it is, exactly how well it functions, or anything else. So use it at your very own danger.

Personally I"d just ask whoever before sent you the encrypted drive to simply put the files on an unencrypted drive. Or provide them an ExFAT formatted USB essential of adequate dimension and also ask them to put the documents there.


By default, we couldn"t open, check out and also create a BitLocker drive on Mac. But take it straightforward, the BitLocker Genius tool is a really basic and user-friendly tool that deserve to assist you gain access to the BitLocker drive without any type of data loss.

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When you satisfy "The disk you placed was not readable by this computer" error, you have the right to click Ignore button. I"m additionally a user that recognize little bit about computer system. But I insert the drive to Mac and also type my password then that drive is able to work-related commonly.

Besides, you can unlock the BitLocker encrypted drive on Mac making use of a recoincredibly key also.

* still does not administer an main tool to access BitLocker encrypted driver on Mac. Mostly because BitLocker is a patent defended technology. You need to use third-party apps to finish the project as much as now.

On My MacBook Pro with Catalina, I am able to unlock a BitLocker HDD through UUByte BitLocker Geeker. After that, I can easily read files from or compose papers to that drive.

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Have you resolved your question? Generally, you cannot accessibility a drive encrypted through Windows BitLocker on Mac OS X bereason Mac OS X doesn’t support BitLocker. To access a BitLocker drive on Mac OS X, you have to firstly attach the drive to a Windows computer and then sindicate go to Control Panel > System and also Security > BitLocker Drive Encryption to rotate off BitLocker encryption on this drive. If you cannot discover any kind of Windows machine, you have to use a third-party utility to accessibility the BitLocker drive on Mac OS X. I discovered this energy called BitLocker Reader for Mac at Google. You can give it a try. Good luck.

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